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Yellow Fever Vaccination

Yellow Fever Vaccination is important if you are traveling to places with lots of mosquitos

Yellow Fever Vaccination Facts


Summary: Yellow Fever vaccination is given to protect humans from the dreaded Yellow Fever, found commonly in tropical countries and caused by mosquito bite.


When you are traveling to tropical countries and to Africa in particular, it is absolutely compulsory to take the vaccination for yellow fever before departure. In fact, you will not be granted a visa unless you show your vaccination certificate! The virus is transmitted through mosquito bites, and leads to jaundice and subsequent yellowing of the eyes and skin from which the disease gets its name.


Yellow Fever vaccination is required particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and South America. The disease tends to occur more in Africa, particularly in the months between July and October. The vaccine is administered by injection, and nearly one hundred per cent immunization is guaranteed. The Yellow Fever virus has 3 transmission cycles. The Jungle cycle, which is restricted to South America and Africa, occurs among young males, mostly in the forest areas. The Intermediate cycle occurs from the Aedes mosquito found in the African Savannah regions, and the Urban cycle, which comes from the Aedes aegypti mosquito, results in human epidemics.

 Yellow Fever Vaccination Reasons

There are two prime reasons for administering the Yellow Fever vaccination. The first obviously is for protection, while the second is to protect citizens of countries, which are being visited by foreigners carrying the virus. African countries particularly insist on the vaccination certificate and a visitor who is unable to produce it may be turned away at the border of countries like Sudan, Botswana and Somalia, particularly where the disease is rampant.


It, however, needs to be borne in mind that the Yellow Fever vaccination cannot be administered by any qualified medical professional. Rather, it can only be given by someone who is specially certified to give the same. Once the injection is given, this professional will give you an officially stamped certificate that you have been vaccinated and make your travel to African countries easier.Yellow Fever Vaccination


The procedure is known to be safe and without any apparent side effects. It is a live-virus vaccine, where the virus has been altered to immunize people rather than affect them adversely. Xcellerex, a vaccine developer has recently announced that clinical trials are currently being run by them on a vaccine that excludes the live virus. The live-virus vaccine is, however, not recommended for pregnant women, patients suffering from auto-immune disorders and those suffering from acute egg allergies. In sum, the Yellow Fever Vaccination is a safe and guaranteed protection against a deadly disease. It reaffirms the saying, “it’s better to be safe than sorry’’.

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