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White Spots On Skin

White Spots on Skin are usually a fungal problem, which occur in teens and young adults

White Spots On Skin

White Spots On Skin


White Spots On Skin: What is it?

Summary: These are indicative of fungal infection caused by the yeast pityrosporum orbiculare which is normally present in the human body but hot and humid conditions can cause its numbers to swell to unsafe levels. Topical and oral medicine is used in the treatment of this skin condition.

White spots on skin are most probably the result of a fungal infection. It is not uncommon for humans to get fungal infections. This is caused by a yeast infection and is called tinea versicolor, caused by a species of yeast called pityrosporum orbiculare. It may disturb you to know that this yeast is already present in your body. Indeed it is like lots of other micro-organisms. The human body plays host to millions of microbes and normal humans have pityrosporum orbiculare as well. They are usually present in small, manageable numbers and are usually not a problem. But humidity and compromised immune system can push their numbers up.

White spots  occur when pityrosporum orbiculare become too numerous. The yeast is usually washed off from human skin and is shed off along with the dead skin cells. But in hot and humid condition, the humidity will be conducive to the growth of the yeast. And sometimes, they will even grow rapidly in a person having a weak immune system that cannot suppress the growth. The yeast growth manifests itself as light colored spots on the skin which we call white spots.

White Spots On Skin : Who gets them?

White spots on skin can occur in people of all skin types and colors. This usually affects teens and people in their early twenties, especially in people who have oily skin. People living in hot and humid places like a tropical coastal city are especially prone to these problems. The symptoms are easy to notice. This condition can occur in places like face, neck, back, chest and upper arms. The color ranges from white to tan. They are usually just a few millimeters across but a whole group of them might occur at some spots. Some of them even turn scaly and a mild itch might be present. This itch is aggravated when the conditions become hot and humid.

This bleached look is especially unsightly if they occur on exposed areas like the face and neck. For treatment, a visit to the dermatologist is required. You may identify the white spots on skin as a fungal infection, but a doctor will double check and perform a microscopic analysis just to make sure. Treatment involves both oral and topical medicines. Certain chemicals will create a hostile environment for the yeast and can get rid of them. Certain soaps and shampoos might be prescribed. Keep yourself cool and dry to prevent recurrence.

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