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Von Willebrand Disease

Von Willebrand Disease is a curable bleeding disorder.

Von Willebrand Disease – Bleeding Disease


Summary: Von Willebrand disease, a bleeding disorder, is caused due to the lack/shortage of Von Willebrand factor. By using essential supplements and taking proper precautions, one can cure oneself from this disease.


Von Willebrand disease, a common bleeding disorder, is hereditary by nature. This disease is of three types and proper medication should be taken to be cured from it. This disease is caused due to the deficiency of the Von Willebrand factor. Von Willebrand factor causes clumping of the blood platelets. These blood platelets move on to attach to the walls of the blood vessels. This leads to blood clotting.


Generally, after surgical treatments and dental treatments chances of bleeding become more.  Regular and high intake of drugs can aggravate bleeding. However, the rate of bleeding during pregnancy is less in persons infected with this disease. The chances of this disease occurring are more in families with a history of bleeding problem. Von Willebrand disease can occur in both the genders. Severe cases of this condition are not seen much.

 Von Willebrand Disease – TypesVon Willebrand Disease

Major types are –Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. Type 1 is found in people having low levels of factor VIII levels and low levels of Von Willebrand factor. This is the most frequently occurring type. Generally, three out of four people who are infected with Von Willebrand  come under type 1.


Under type 2, the Von Willebrand factor does not function well. Type 2 can be further divided into categories (based on gene mutations) as 2N, 2A, 2M, and 2B.  Each subtype has to be identified and treated in an appropriate manner. Type 3 occurs in people who have low amounts of VIII factor and absence of Von Willebrand factor. Among the three types, type three is the severest of all and occurs very rarely.


The general symptoms that are observed with this disease are unnatural menstrual bleeding, bruising, nosebleeds, bleeding of the gums, and skin rash. The general tests that are performed to identify the disease are platelet aggregation test, platelet count test, ristocetin cofactor test. The primary assay test done to diagnose Von Willebrand disease is ristocetin cofactor test.


Treatment of the disease can be done by using medications that are can raise the level of required substances, thereby reducing the bleeding problem. If such drugs are not effective in curing the disease, then other drugs such as Alphanate should be used to cure the disease. Other factors such as factor VIII or blood plasma are effective in reducing bleeding.

By seeking medical guidance and taking proper medications, one can prevent Von Willebrand disease.  Just the same as any disease or condition on this site.

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