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Vaccines for Children

Vaccines for Children are extremely important for many reasons

Vaccines for Children: Why its important


Summary: Vaccines for children are helpful in developing the immune system of their body and make them strong enough to fight several deadly diseases. Proper vaccination during the 1-5 years of age can make the children completely immunized against life threatening diseases like polio, measles, tetanus, hepatitis, and whooping cough.


Vaccines are those biologically developed solutions, which are helpful in improving the immunity of your body against some specific disease. The vaccine contains the disease causing microbe or its poison in a weakened or killed state. This pathogen will then stimulate the immune system of the human body. The antibodies developed by the immune system will then, destroy the foreign agent and remember it in future. So, the next time the pathogen again enters the body, the antibodies would recognize it easily and destroy it. Thus, the body develops immunity towards that microbe. Hence, vaccines are very important. The children’s vaccines are equally crucial to protect them from dangerous diseases and make them develop high immunity in their early age.


Children should be provided proper vaccination during their 1-5 years of age. These vaccines for children are very helpful in protecting them from illness, weakness and death caused by various dangerous, infectious diseases. These vaccines protect them from any kind of body malfunction caused by diseases. During their early age, the body of the children remains very sensitive, as their immune system is still under developed. Thus, they are susceptible to life threatening diseases. So, it becomes very important to protect the children by enhancing their under developed immune system, and to prevent them from diseases. The vaccines for children are specifically developed to perform this task. They prepare the infant’s body to fight against the deadly diseases.


Vaccines for various infectious and deadly diseases like measles, polio, diphtheria, mumps, pertussis (whooping cough), rubella (German measles), hemophilic influenza type b (Hib), tetanus, and hepatitis should be provided to the children. Any of these diseases in their early age can ruin their entire life. So, vaccination against these diseases is must. However, in some cases, children’s vaccines can’t be given to them for medical reasons. Infants below one year of age are too young to be immunized through vaccination. Children suffering from leukemia cannot receive vaccines, as their body won’t be able to respond to them properly.

 Vaccines for Children Three Key ReasonsVaccines for Children

These vaccines for children are important because of three reasons. Firstly, maternal immunity of the infants lasts only for a few months. So, immunization is required through proper vaccination. Secondly, prevention is better than cure. The child may not have immunity, strong enough to fight these deadly diseases. So, why take chances? Vaccination can ensure your child’s health. Thirdly, immunizing the children can help in the development of the community with proper health conditions and slowing down the outbreak of diseases.


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