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Vaccines and Autism

Vaccines and Autism and the relationship between the two.

Relation between Vaccines and Autism – The True Scenario

Summary: The relationship between vaccines and autism has often been questioned and has garnered the attention of many parents. The continued growing rates of autism in children and the corresponding effect of the mercury compound in the vaccines have led to various debates regarding the safety of the children.

The relationship between vaccines and autism has often been questioned. There is always a question lingering in the minds of the parents on the safety of the vaccines and its effect on their children. There are many health organizations that believe that there is no relationship between the usage of vaccines and development of autism. However, there is another side to this story which is strongly believed by the parents.

Vaccination plays a very large role in saving millions of lives around the world. Children are immunized in order to prevent and protect them from the attack of various diseases. There are various stories that are doing the rounds on internet and television which revolve on the relationship of vaccines and autism. It has also been observed that every one out of five parents is concerned about the effect of vaccines on their children.

There is an everlasting debate between childhood vaccination and autism. It all started with a case study on eight children who were administered with the MMR vaccine which led to the development of autism. It is believed that those children developed autism as they had abnormal intestinal tracts and a syndrome which led to the development of autism.

The rising cases which questioned the security of the use of vaccines led to many deaths, as many of the parents refused to vaccinate their children. Many children were hospitalized on getting infected with measles and other diseases. Many investigations were led to collect evidence regarding the relationship between getting a vaccination and dealing with Autism, but no clues were found.

The use of childhood vaccines containing thimerosal led to development of ethylmercury in infants. This was one of the criteria which were considered to study the effect of vaccines on children and the development of autism. Thimerosal, which is an inorganic mercury compound, is used as a preservative for some vaccines. It is metabolized to thiosalicylate  and ethylmercury to prevent contamination of bacteria and fungus in vaccines. The use of excess or above threshold limit of this compound is hazardous to humans.Vaccines and Autism

Vaccines and Autism

The increasing cases of autism in children have pointed towards the usage of the MMR vaccine. However, there has been no scientific link on the relationship of Autism and vaccinations The concerns regarding the use of thimerosal led to the removal of this compound from vaccines, but still there was a continued increase in the autism rates. In 2009, the US Court of Federal Claims found that there is no connection between the MMR and other thimerosal containing vaccines and autism.

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