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Trisomy 21

Trisomy 21 is also known as down syndrome and research is making life easier for those with it.


Trisomy 21: The symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options


Summary: If you are thinking what can rescue from the blow of trisomy 21, you need to know the symptoms and treatment plans for best results.


Diseases of all types can cause great trouble and jeopardize one’s life and the same holds for the trisomy 21. This particular disease can be of different types and its symptoms can hugely vary. There can be mild well as severe problem but no matter what is the intensity of this problem, you would be able to detect a person with trisomy 21 very easily. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder which hits 1 of 800 people on their birth. This is caused by cognitive impairment and generally occurs during infancy. Many individuals who are hit down by syndrome can face the problem of leukemia, gastro-intestinal problems, Alzheimer’s disease and many other health hazards.


Those individuals who are suffering with Down syndrome have witnessed great life expectancy has over the past few decades since the medical care has improved to a great extent. A person with Down syndrome can live till the age of 55 or beyond if they are in good health. Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome is named after Doctor Langdon Down and it was considered to be a syndrome for the first time in 1866 first. Even though Doctor Down had carried out certain important observations about the Down syndrome, he failed to identify the problem correctly. It was only in 1959 that the scientists discovered the problem.Trisomy 21

Trisomy 21 aka Down Syndrome

The Trisomy 21 ailment is also known as the Down syndrome which comes with some particular physical characteristics: flattened face and nose, a small mouth, a short neck and often big, protruding tongue, slanting eyes, white spots may appear on the colored part of the eye. The hands are broad and short with short fingers, loose ligaments and poor muscle tone, growth and development gets delayed.



Even though the genetic cause of the Down syndrome is known, finding a cure to it has not been possible. Lately scientists have realized that the cause of this ailment is the interplay between different genes. Generally the animal models of Down syndrome are being used to solve the problem but today some human clinical trials are being used on which therapies are being conducted. Different surgeries of corrective nature are being conducted for gastrointestinal irregularities, heart defects, and other health hazards. Regular health checkups need to be done in order to trace any kind of health hazard like the ear infections, visual impairments, hypothyroidism, hearing loss, obesity, and such other medical conditions. If properly treated, individuals with trisomy 21 can lead a proper family life.  We learn more and more about Trisomy 21 every day through research.  So give to research charities for Trisomy 21 if you want to make a difference.


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