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Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Treatment for Hemorrhoids can be done naturally and permanently if you take time to know what your doing.


Treatment for Hemorrhoids – Different Types


Summary: The treatment for Hemorrhoid is mainly focused on removing the painful symptoms and this mostly includes taking some tub baths and also greatly increasing fiber and fluids in your diet.


The treatment for Hemorrhoids involves increasing your fiber and also the fluid intake in your daily diet. Your physician may also recommend taking some stool softeners or some fiber supplements. In some rare cases, your doctor may also recommend surgery as a treatment for Hemorrhoids.


Most of the Hemorrhoid Treatment Options include simple changes in your diet and your bowel practice. Many of the cases do not need surgical or any other kind of treatments unless the disease is large and quite painful. The main aim of the treatment for Hemorrhoids known as fixative procedures or non-surgical procedures involves reducing the supply of blood to the hemorrhoids so that it shrinks and finally disappears. The blemish mark which is replaced by it helps in supporting the tissue of the anal and also helps in preventing additional hemorrhoids from further development in the affected body.


Fixative procedures in the treatment for Hemorrhoids include binding the hemorrhoids with the help of a rubber band or by using heat, or by using lasers or current in order to make the scar tissue.  The removal of hemorrhoids by surgery (hemorrhoidectomy) can be done for internal hemorrhoids which are very large, when many small hemorrhoids are also there or when any other methods or treatments that are applied have not been able to control the bleeding.


Fixative methods or procedures are mostly done before the surgery if the hemorrhoids are tiny and are sticking out of the anal area during the movement of the bowels, although it later returns to its normal position. Hemorrhoidectomy may also give better results in the long run than the fixative procedures. However, surgery is much more expensive and requires a long time to recover and is usually much more painful. This procedure also has a great danger of any kind of complications involved to the affected person. Hence, fixative methods or procedures are the most ideal treatment for Hemorrhoids in people who are older than seventy years of age and for those people who are suffering from poor health.Treatment for hemorrhoids

Treatment for Hemorrhoids at home

Some home Hemorrhoid Treatment options are include the following:

  • Blot the anus well after every bowel movement.
  • Do not rub the anal area. Instead pat it dry with a soft cloth.
  • Use only those soaps that do not contain any kind of perfume or dyes.
  • Apply ice many times during the day and follow it by putting a warm compress on your anal area for at least twenty minutes.
  • Take warm water bath in a tub and make sure you cover the anal area well during bath. Soak yourself in the bath at least for fifteen minutes.
  • Try not to sit or stand for too long periods of time and avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Wear cotton panties or cotton undergarments to prevent any kind of moisture buildup. Wear loose clothes for reducing the pressure on the affected anal area of the body.
    Also see: Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids as well for more options.

Personally, I think there are some great options for treatment for hemorrhoids at home that make it un-embarrassing.


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