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Treatment for Genital Warts

Treatment for Genital Warts can be embarrassing but it doesn't have to be.

Treatment for Genital Warts Frequently Asked Questions

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Genital warts are transmitted through intercourse or skin contact. Therefore, people are advised to stay away from sexual contact with unknown persons. Home remedies and laser surgeries are effective to reduce the effects of genital warts.

What is the source of Genital Warts?

Genital warts generally occur through skin contact. Genital warts are mainly spread through intercourse. Therefore, the best treatment for genital warts is through staying away from intercourse with unknown persons or people suffering genital warts.

What are genital warts?

Genital warts are blisters that appear generally on penis, on the cervix, in the vagina or on external surfaces near the mouth or on lips. They may be flesh color, soft, large, small and raised or flat. They may be formed as single or in groups.

What kind of virus is responsible for genital warts?

It is sexually transmitted disease. HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is responsible for genital warts. Everyone should be aware that there is no permanent treatment for genital warts. Some of the commonly available medicines will only provide temporary relief for genital warts.

Are the genital warts dangerous?

Two types of viruses cause genital warts. The less prone virus causes genital warts whereas the high risk one will be responsible for cervical cancer. Therefore, people are advised to stay away from sex with infected people to prevent the risk of genital warts / cancer.

How many people suffer from HPV and how our body handles it?Treatment For Genital Warts

Our immunity system will handle the HPV in most cases. We should eat healthy diet to get protected from the spread of HPV. It causes pain through formation of blisters when our body is weak. It will also be active when we are active in sex. It is estimated that one in 272 people in the US are suffering from HPV.

Do genital warts cause discomfort?

Genital warts cause itching. They also cause pain and embarrassment. It may also lead to break in relationships. Effective treatment of genital warts is available for people, who want to reduce their sufferings.

Do condoms prevent the spread of HPV?

No. Condoms will be of little use to prevent HPV. Some vaccines are available in the market to prevent genital warts. It should be taken before the intercourse. However, vaccines are not always helpful to prevent genital warts.

What is the commonly available genital wart treatment?

Treatment for Genital Warts: Common Options

The most common forms of treatment for genital warts include laser surgery, homeopathic solutions, electrocautery, topical solutions, surgical excision and cryotherapy.

Will HPV cast its shadow on Children?

Yes. Children are likely to get affected with HPV if woman gets infected with HPV during pregnancy. They need to seek the help of a physician immediately if they are suffering from HPV.

Also people don’t realize that there are reliable non-embarrassing home treatment for genital warts options.

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