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Tiny Red Dots on Skin

Tiny Red Dots on Skin are not a condition that should be overlooked no matter how insignificant you think they are.

Tiny Red Dots on Skin Might Be Indicators of a Larger Problem.

Summary: Appearance of tiny red dots on skin should never be left untreated. You might consider them as mere skin rashes but they can be Petechiae. The treatment of Petechiae depends on its underlying cause. Identification and consecutive treatment of these causes cures this problem.

When there is bleeding under your skin, you might develop pinpoint, round red spots on skin. It is the blood that causes the dots to appear red. If you are unlucky, you have Petechiae. They do not lose color even when you press them and they are usually flat to the touch. These small red dots can be caused due to a number of reason and some of them are pretty serious. They are normally caused by a minor hemorrhage. Petechiae can be a sign of low platelet count or thrombocytopenia. It can be a side effect of some medication or certain infections.

tiny red dots on skin

Tiny red dots on skin tend to appear in clusters mainly on areas where circulating blood applies a lot of pressure in your veins like your ankles and feet. Abnormalities in the blood-clotting mechanism or in platelets mainly cause these miniscule red things to appear on your skin. Oral diabetes and chemotherapy drugs, leukemia, measles, mononucleosis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus can cause Petechiae. In infants, Vitamin K deficiency and infantile scurvy can also cause this disease. Rush to a doctor if you find these symptoms. Normally dermatologists are adept in treating these conditions as they can easily identify Petechiae from other similar looking rashes. At no times should they be ignored.  Quite often people do ignore them a just a tiny busted blood vessel and then the situation escalates to the surprise of the patient that overlooked the seriousness of the situation.  When white spots on skin can just be a cosmetic thing sometimes, this condition rarely is.  If you have any question at all you should seek the care of a doctor immediately so that you can find out specifically what your actual situation is, and the best course of action.

Tiny Red Dots On Skin : What is causing it?

It is very important to identify the underlying cause of Petechiae. If an infection has caused the red spots  to erupt, then it must be treated by antibiotics. In case the rashes have been triggered due to intake of some medicine, then obviously that medication has to stop and may be some anti-allergic drugs will help in treating the problem. When low platelet count is the cause then treatment involves giving a transfusion of the blood factors or platelet. Leukemia and other cancer patients have to take radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Petechiae might be caused due to some injury too. In those cases, no treatment is required as the rashes will disappear on their own course. However, applying ice pack at regular intervals can provide relief and helps in quick recovery.

Viral infections at times result in abnormal blood clotting resulting in the development of tiny red dots on skin or Petechiae. Autoimmune diseases can also lead to these rashes. The body produces antibodies that attack tissues and other organs considering them alien to the body. This may result in tissue damage can cause the blood leakage.

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