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Tetanus Vaccine: Disease Protection

Tetanus Vaccine is very important when you have puncture type injuries

Tetanus Vaccine

Summary- The use of tetanus vaccine helps to protect children and adults alike from the activity of bacteria Clostridium Tetani that acts on the muscles of the person affected. The person can have muscle spasms, or even counter death in extreme cases, which makes it even more important to take the vaccine on time.


The name of tetanus vaccination finds a mention at multiple instances in our life. Whenever we get hurt or injured due to any reason, the first advice we get from our well-wishers is to get this vaccination as soon as possible. However, how many of us really know the reason why it is necessary to be taken, or what is the importance of it? Like all vaccinations, this vaccine too is given to protect the person against a type of infection or septic. The disease prevented by tetanus vaccine is caused by the contamination of wounds due to the activity of the bacteria Clostridium Tetani, or the spores produced by them.


This disease occurs when the spores caused by the Clostridium Tetani bacteria become active, and start developing bacteria that multiply at a fast pace to produce toxins tetanospasmin, which put their impact on the muscles of the person. The disease bacteria are found normally in soil, dust, animal waste and enter the body through wounds that cut the body. Such wounds can be caused by sharp, pointing objects that create openings in the skin. The disease is highly infectious, but is not transmitted from person to person, and spreads only through the contact of the wound with the affected environment. It is important to take the tetanus vaccine to avoid its serious effects like muscle spasms. In severe cases of the disease, it leads one to such conditions where muscle spasms appear that block the oxygen supply to the muscles, and gradually to the brain, and can lead to death in extreme cases.

Tetanus Vaccine

The tetanus vaccination, as said before, is meant to protect one from such serious effects of the bacteria. In cases of injuries, it is always advisable to take the shots of this vaccine, but in a normal case, it is recommended that a person takes these shots once in ten years. The result of a recent survey has revealed that deaths due to this disease amount to 40% of the people affected by it. Taking tetanus vaccine helps to prevent such occurrences for everyone.
Tetanus Vaccine
This vaccination is also, a part of the vaccination schedule recommended for all the new born children. The children normally get their first dose of it after 2 months of their birth, then at 4, 6 and then, between 15 to 18 months. Even after that, the vaccination is required to be given regularly to the children to protect them from the disease. Administering of the tetanus vaccine can, at times, cause mild side-effects like fever, tiredness or lack of appetite, but they do not last for long.


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