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Testicular Cancer Symptoms

Testicular Cancer Symptoms are something that all men should keep an eye out for.


Testicular Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Options


Summary: There are a number of testicular cancer symptoms that every man must keep an eye out for. In case of any speculation, consult a doctor immediately to get the recommended treatment options.


Testicular cancer is a cancer exclusive for the male gender, and here are some testicular cancer symptoms, should you begin to speculate whether you have it or not. Testicular cancer is a known disease where in the cells in the testicles become malignant, or cancerous, in either one or both testicles. Before we discuss the testicular cancer signs, here’s some background information on the male testicles. These are also known as testes or gonads, and they are a pair of male sex glands that produce and store sperm. They are also the main depository of testosterone, or the male hormones. The testicles are located under the penis itself, inside a sac-like pocket known as a scrotum. The male testosterone is also responsible for the development of other male characteristics, as well as the reproductive organs.

 Testicular Cancer Symptoms DetectionTesticular Cancer Symptoms

When it comes to detecting these testicular cancer symptoms, most men actually find them by themselves. Doctors also generally examine the testicles during most physical exams. Also, if a man thinks that there is something wrong with his testicles, he must immediately consult a doctor and have himself checked immediately. The following are common testicular cancer symptoms; so if one or more of these are experienced, one must go to a doctor immediately.  Someone with testicular cancer can experience a swelling or a painless lump in a testicle. Also, there can be some form of pain or discomfort experienced in one testicle, both, or in the scrotum itself. An enlargement in the testicle, as well as an alteration in the way it feels can also be considered a symptom. Some men also experience heaviness in their scrotum, as well as ache in the back, lower abdomen, or the groin. Lastly, a sudden collection of liquid inside the scrotum can be an indicator of testicular cancer. It’s important to note though that these symptoms  can also be caused by reasons that are not cancer-related, so best to have a doctor examine you just to be sure, but that doesn’t mean you are probably in the clear.


If worse comes to worst and these testicular cancer symptoms actually lead to the sickness itself, here are a number of treatment options that you might want to explore. Three of the most common ones are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Another indication of men who have testicular cancer is that it can affect fertility even before the cancer is treated. By having it treated, there can still be a chance that the man with testicular cancer can recuperate and have a child.

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