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Syphilis is a very serious STD.

Syphilis: The Stages, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Summary- The name of syphilis comes among the various STDs that are commonly seen to affect those who have more than one sex partner. If proper care is not taken, one can counter this serious and painful disease that can lead to insanity, paralysis or failure of vital organs, thus spoiling the entire life of the person. The knowledge of its stages and symptoms of Syphilis is thus, compulsory.

The term STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is known to most of us, though we might try to sneak away from the knowledge; and syphilis is a part of the list of the various STDs. The disease is caused by spirochete bacterium and can cause serious harm to the vital organs of an individual’s body. A timely diagnosis and treatment for the disease is important as it can lead to heart diseases, blindness, insanity or paralysis if one ignores its existence. Therefore, one should have complete knowledge of the symptoms, diagnosis methods and treatment of the disease so that such grave consequences can be kept at bay.

Syphilis Symptoms

As revealed by the term, STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), syphilis is spread by contact with an affected person and the first sign of this disease appears in the form of a chancre (a reddish sore) that appears within 10 to 90 days in the place from where the pathogen has entered the body. In case, one is unable to identify the initial stage and get the required treatment for it, the disease pathogens develop in to the second stage and start circulating in the blood stream within 6 months of contracting the disease. The syphilis symptoms that appear at this stage include non-itching rash on the back of arms, legs or on the chest along with fever, sore throat and rash around the vagina in case of women. The latent stage of the disease comes two or more years after contracting it when the bacterium starts affecting the heart and nervous system.Syphilis

If ignored at this point of time also, the disease moves on to its most dangerous phase called neurosyphilis. The stage affects the heart, brain and spinal cord leading to paralysis or insanity. In short, a person can be left to be nothing more than a vegetable because of it!


The symptoms of syphilis are similar to many other diseases because of which it becomes necessary that a proper diagnosis is conducted for it, so that timely treatment can be taken up. The diagnosis can be done in three possible ways:

  • Physician’s examination and recognition of symptoms
  • Blood tests
  • Microscopic identification of the causing bacteria

The people who have more than one sex partners should be immensely cautious if they acquire a rash in the genital areas and seek medical help to get the problem diagnosed if it is syphilis.


Syphilis Treatment is done using penicillin and other antibiotics that are injected into the affected person’s body. However, it should be known that the treatment pattern and possibilities depend on the stage of the disease. In cases where high damage has been caused to the organs, the treatment can be difficult or impossible.

So no matter what if you have Syphilis or even think you may have Syphilis seek advice from a medical professional as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get too serious.

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