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Swimmers Itch

Swimmers Itch comes from swimming in water contaminated with parasites.

Swimmers Itch and its Treatment Options

Swimmers itch is generally caused when we swim in the contaminated water of oceans, ponds and lakes. The parasites present in the contaminated water will cause itching on our skin. You are advised to take a bath after swimming and clean the body with towel. You are advised not swim in contaminated water to prevent itching on your skin.

Many people across the world used to go for swimming during summer months. Parasites released from the migrant birds will get dispersed in the water of ponds, lakes and oceans.  They are also released from infected snails. You may not able to recognize these microscopic parasites. People used to go for swimming during June to September. Parasites are active during this period. They will get in touch with the human body in the water. It causes swimmers itch.

Generally parasites live in the blood of animals such as gulls, ducks, swans and geese. It will also feed on aquatic mammals including beavers and muskrats. The eggs, which are produced by these parasites, are passed on to the birds and mammals. The water gets contaminated when eggs falls into the water.

You may experience swimmers itch after swimming in the water that is contaminated with parasites. You may feel burning, tingling or itching on your skin within few minutes after coming out of the water. Reddish pimples in small size are likely to appear on your skin within twelve hours. Such pimples will be developed into blisters in due course. You may suffer from swimmers itch for up to two weeks. It will gradually decrease after one or two weeks.

Swimmers itch is generally caused when our skin gets infected with parasites and antibodies of our body react to kill the parasites. You are likely to suffer from more itching if you swim in contaminated water for prolonged time. Parasites are present in salt water and fresh water alike. You are advised not to swim in contaminated areas to prevent skin itching. It is not dangerous. You don’t have to worry about it too much. The best way to prevent itching is not to scratch the affected skin area.Swimmers Itch

Swimmers Itch Treatment

You are advised to have bath and clean the entire body with towel after swimming in a pond, lake or ocean. In most of the cases, you do not need to apply any medicine. However, you can use various medicines to reduce swimmers itch. You can apply corticosteroid cream or cool compresses over the affected area. You can also try applying baking soda paste over the affected area. You can use baking soda to the water and bath. You can try calamine lotion to reduce itching. Other medicines available for curing skin itching include anti itch lotion and Aveeno. If you are suffering from severe itching, you need to contact your physician to get appropriate medicine.

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