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Skin Biopsy, What Is It?

Skin Biopsy conjures up images of scalpels and masked doctors. Well it is not as bad as the image, read more about a Skin Biopsy.

Skin Biopsy – Collecting Specimens

Skin BiopsyMany people in the world have heard the term skin biopsy, but most of them do not know what a skin biopsy is. A skin biopsy is a medical procedure which removes cells or skin tissue under a microscope. There are several methods of doing a skin biopsy and remove some skin or cells from the human body.

Which method of biopsy is used depends on the location of the abnormal area of skin and the size of the infected part. The place of the abnormal area of skin is called a skin lesion. When the biopsy is done, the skin sample is placed in a solution which is called formaldehyde, or if infection is suspected, the skin sample is placed in a sterile container. After that the skin sample is processed and then examined under a microscope.

Skin Biopsy – For Diagnostics

A skin biopsy is done for different diagnoses procedures, like diagnosing skin cancer, diagnosing a skin allergy, etc. For example, the skin biopsy for diagnosing skin cancer is the most common today. Many people are afraid from skin cancer, so they often have a skin biopsy. A skin biopsy is good and useful for early diagnosis of some diseases. But, a skin biopsy is most useful in helping identify skin cancers early and treat them on time.

Skin Biopsy – How To Prepare For One

Before you have the biopsy, you must know how to prepare for a skin biopsy. You must tell your doctor if you are allergic to any medications because if you are it will be difficult to make the skin biopsy. Also, you must tell your doctor if you are taking any medicine at the time or have taken some recently. If they are anti-inflammatory medicines such as prednisone, you must finish them and then you can have the skin biopsy. If you have a skin biopsy and you take those medicines at the same time, your biopsy under the microscope may change its form. Also, you must know if you have some bleeding problems or are taking blood-thinning medicines, because if you have that will be a complication for the skin biopsy. And if you are pregnant you cannot have a skin biopsy.

Other than that there is no special preparation for skin biopsy, but it is good for you to be informed about what is a skin biopsy, before you schedule a biopsy. Sometimes, the doctor will ask you to sign a consent form for caution and safety before he does the biopsy. So if you want to have a skin biopsy it’s good to be informed ahead about skin biopsy, to know what a skin biopsy is, how it will be done, whether there is some risk from having the biopsy, what you need for the skin biopsy, or what the final results will mean, and more. You can find that information and read it on the Internet, in some medicine and health magazines and books, or you could ask your doctor to explain everything about skin biopsy.

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