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Scabies in Humans

Scabies in Humans – Causes, Symptoms and Cure

Scabies in Humans – Causes, Symptoms and Cure

Summary: Scabies in humans is caused by parasitic mites that burrow deep under the skin and cause itchiness and blisters and the condition is very contagious and can spread through prolonged contact.  Some people even worry that they are getting itchy moles.  With good hygiene and proper application of curative lotions, the condition can be cured in less than a week.

People tend to think it is a condition that affects only animals but scabies in humans happens as well. And it spreads around, it is a highly contagious skin infection caused by parasites known as itch mites. But the itch mites that cause this disease in humans are different from the ones that cause it in animals. This condition generally affects people with a weak immune system.

Scabies in Humans

Scabies in humans has certain tell-tale symptoms. The symptoms start showing up only more than a month later after the mites have burrowed under the skin. But even when the symptoms haven’t shown up yet, the condition is still contagious and can spread to another person. The symptoms intensify and become more pronounced during the night time. This can cause secondary and indirect health problems like lack of sleep leading to headaches and drowsiness and lack of productivity at work. The mites hide under the skin and cause reddish blisters and bumps. The places where these mites may attack are commonly places like between digits, armpits, shoulders, waist, wrists and knees and the inside part of the elbow.

Scabies in humans: Is it contagious?

Actually it is highly contagious and will occur due to prolonged contact with the infected person. A brief brush of the hand or a simple handshake won’t do it. It can however get transmitted by sexual intercourse and other forms of prolonged contact. And yes, it can also occur by sharing personal belongings. The mites can spread through towels, clothing and bed sheets. And you could probably get the mites in a densely packed place like maybe a crowded

Treatment for scabies  revolves around getting the mites out of your system. You can consult a doctor and you will be prescribed a cream or lotion. A lindane or sulphur lotion will be prescribed and correct uses and application of this lotion is necessary if you want your treatment to make progress. And of course, make sure that the area where you apply the cream is cleaned thoroughly before application. And don’t go looking for any home remedies because there are none that have been known to work effectively. Proper hygiene is of paramount importance when you are getting treatment for scabies. Observe strict hygiene practices to get rid of Scabies in Humans. Avoid close contact with other people until the problem subsides. Use hot water to wash your clothes and items of personal use. Follow the correct procedures and you will be mite-free in a matter of days.

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