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Rotavirus Vaccine

Rotavirus Vaccine has been added to the immunization schedule in all countries.

Rotavirus Vaccine: Your Child’s Shield against Diarrheal Infections

Summary- The rotavirus vaccine has been added to the immunization schedule of children worldwide to provide them protection against the disastrous rotavirus which can affect them with severe diarrhea infections. The infection has been known to affect nearly all the children below the age of 5 in the US and protection against it is important to help them lead a healthy life.

The attempts from the very initiation of life are to protect it against as many diseases and ailments as possible; and the rotavirus vaccine is one such vaccination that is intended to protect the children from a severe diarrhea disease that is caused by rotavirus. The disease has been known to affect millions of infants and children, around the globe, every year. As per the statistics for the year 2006, nearly all the children of the United States were affected by this disease by the time they reached the age of 5. It was to bring down this scaring count that the rotavirus vaccine was recommended to be given to each new born child in two or three doses within eight months of birth.

As told before also the rotavirus vaccine is given to safeguard the children against the highly contagious diarrheal infection that rotavirus can cause. Information about the infection can help one understand the importance of giving this vaccine to the children:

Infection Symptoms:Rotavirus Vaccine

As a child gets infected with rotavirus, fever, nausea and vomiting are among the first few signs that appear. These can be followed by cramps in the abdomen along with severe diarrhea. The child may also get affected by cough or runny nose. The matter becomes worse when this situation leads to dehydration. When a child starts showing signs like thirst, irritability, restlessness, sunk look in the eyes, lethargy, dry tongue and mouth, dry skin and less frequent urination, the parents should immediately rush to the doctor for the treatment of dehydration as it could make the situation highly complex to handle.

The disease is highly contagious and children can easily contract them from day care centers or hospitals, where other children are present. As a preventive measure, the children should be kept neat and clean and as soon as possible, proper hygienic habits should be inculcated into them, so that they can prevent themselves against the fast spreading germs and remain protected from such infections.

Rotavirus Vaccine Immunization

Despite all attempts at ensuring proper hygiene and clean habits for the child, it cannot be said that the child would not contract with this disease. Therefore, taking the rotavirus vaccine is the best option available as a timely dosage of it assures the parents of the childe being immune to this virus for the entire life. The vaccine has been made a part of the immunization program in all the countries and it is the responsibility of parents also to see to it that the rotavirus vaccine is given to their child so as to ensure his safe future.

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