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Rare Skin Conditions

Rare Skin Conditions is a very wide area since they are caused from so many different things.


Rare Skin Conditions-what are they?

Summary: Medical science and dermatology in particular have advanced very much and there are thousands of skin conditions that have been identified. Given here are top ten rare skin conditions, some so rare that even dermatologists haven’t heard of them and they continue to amaze doctors and laymen alike with their sheer bizarreness.  Such as white spots on skin or scabies in humans.

Of course those are just two there are tons of different things that can be going on, so even after you read the rest of this it is always best to consult a dermatologist or your physician if possible.  In addition to getting any curious or itchy moles checked out.  It truly is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to skin issues even if you have no genetic history of problems since they can be brought on by anything from bug bites, bad food, allergic reactions or even the wrong laundry detergent, you really just never know what your dealing with unless you have it verified by an expert.

One of the rarest of rare skin conditions is this condition know as argyria that can turn a person skin blue, not a small patch, it can turn the entire person blue from head to toe! It happens as a result of consumption of silver which is used in some medicines. The human pappiloma virus is known to cause cold sores, but in severe infections, it can cause knotty growths on the skin which can appear like woody growths. These branch like extensions sprout form everywhere in the body and can appear very prominent.

Rare Skin Conditions

Rare Skin Conditions – Add in hair???

Another one of the rare skin conditions is hypertrichosis. Hair covers every part of human skin expect the palms and soles, but in this condition, hair grows densely in places where it is not supposed to, like the face. Blaschko’s lines are a  genetic condition where stripes develop over the skin, This is a genetic condition and there is no attributed disease and no known cause other than the fact that it is genetic. The stripes are usually in the form of a V on the back. Another one of the rare skin conditions is vitiligo – a condition where the body starts losing pigmentation. White patches appear all over the body and even the hair turns grey or white on that area because hair also needs pigment to be colored.

Tungiasis is a parasitic condition. It is caused by the Tunga penetrans flea which is found in tropical countries. This flea burrows deep into the skin and lays eggs. At one point, it was so common in Nigeria that 2 out of every 5 children had it. Another one of the rare skin conditions is dermatographia. Skin often gets injured and has the ability to heal itself, but for a person suffering from dermatographia, even a small scratch can cause the skin to become raised and turn painfully red and sore.

Moregllons is a very rare disease and about 2000 people in the United States seem to suffer from it. The disease is so rare, it is very poorly understood. It causes skin lesions, filament growth on the skin and suffers seem to feel sensations that seem like biting and scratching. And another one of the rare skin conditions is paraneoplastic pemphigu where blisters form all over the skin. These blisters are very prone to sepsis and hence this disease is very fatal. About 90% of cases of this disease end in fatalities. Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria is  a disease that causes premature aging and the skin becomes all wrinkly and old.

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