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Rabies Vaccine

Rabies Vaccine is the only way to be sure not to get the deadly disease.

Rabies Vaccine Information


Summary: The Rabies vaccine is an essential antidote to protect humans and animals from the dreaded disease Rabies, which once contracted, ends in death always.


Rabies is a deadly viral disease that is usually carried, contracted and passed on by mammals, and the only way to prevent its occurrence is to take the rabies vaccine before hand to keep you protected. The disease is a preventive one, but is definitely incurable and leads to certain death, both in humans and animals, which contract it.


The rabies vaccine increases the body’s immunity towards the disease and works in animals with warm blood, such as fax, rodents, bats, cattle, wolves, skunks, dogs and cats. If an animal is a carrier of this deadly virus, then, it can always pass it on to humans by way of a bite, or even a minor scratch, which permeates the mucus membranes.


The rabies vaccine prevents the virus from traveling through the peripheral nerves of the human nervous system and the brain. The virus is known to have an incubation period stretching from twenty to ninety days, and depends on the victim’s age, bite location and bite severity, i.e., multiple bites imply a faster incubation period. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to vaccinate cats and dogs, if you have them as pets in the house or even horses.


The rabies vaccine is injected subcutaneously, i.e., under the skin six times, if there is a mammal bite involved. The earlier vaccination course comprised fourteen injections in the stomach near the navel muscles, and this was quite painful for the recipient. These vaccines are available at local pharmacies and hospitals and children are usually given top priority to be vaccinated. It, however, needs to be borne in mind that the injection can only be given by a qualified physician.

Rabies Vaccine

 Rabies Vaccine Preparation 

Before administering the rabies vaccine, the wound has to be cleaned with sterile water and anti-bacterial soft soap and covered with a thin gauze. The vaccination procedure should start immediately after that. Under no circumstances should the course be stopped before the full set of injections is given, as this would double the risk of contracting the deadly disease later with the body losing its immunity towards the disease considerably.


It is also essential to get yourself vaccinated with the rabies vaccine, should you be traveling, particularly to the tropical countries, where reported cases of rabies are more. This is also applicable to countries where you might go cave visiting, which are known to have a considerable bat population. It is always advisable to take the vaccine before hand or to get it in the country once you land there.


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