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Pink Eye Treatment

Pink Eye Treatment options vary depending on your exact circumstances and if you go to a doctor or try and do it yourself.

Pink Eye Treatment

Pink Eye Treatment

 Pink Eye Treatment the Natural Way

Summary: Pink eye or conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eye that occurs due to bacteria, viruses or allergens and there are several ways of treating pink eye depending on the cause. For home based pink eye treatment, you can try cold compresses and herbal teas like chamomile and elderberry are also known to be effective.

There are some effective natural remedies for pink eye treatment that you can try. Conjunctivitis or pink eye as it is commonly known is a condition that affects the eye and causes inflammation in the clear membrane at the front of the eye. The main symptom of pink eye is of course redness of the eye due to the inflammation, hence the name pink eye. The white part of the eye turns all pink. Inflammation is quite natural in the body and occurs as a response against injury. The inflammation that causes pink eye can happen due to exposure to dust, fumes, chemicals, microbes and allergens. In case of allergens, the eye inflames due to allergic response and the condition is then called allergic conjunctivitis.

Given here are a few pink eye treatment remedies. There are different remedies for different types of injury. Sometimes, the inflammation can also happen due to severe head trauma and in this case, you will definitely have to see a doctor for more than just pink eye remedy. But if it is allergic conjunctivitis there are some simple home remedies you could try. To begin with, try and find out what the cause of the inflammation is and eliminate it. Did you suffer some kind of eye trauma recently? If not, then it could be due to microbial infection – bacterial or viral or maybe it is due to an allergen. There are some medications you can buy off the shelf for pink eye, your pharmacist can help you with that.  There are also some anti-inflammatory foods that you can eat to counter pink eye.

Pink Eye Treatment Compress

For pink eye treatment, you can also use a cool compress. A cool compress always provides relief but don’t press too hard. A piece of cloth or a paper towel soaked in cold water and laid on the eye can provide much relief. Keep replacing the cloth, discard the old one. Do not reuse, it is infected. Keep replacing the cloth or tissue whenever the ‘cool’ effect is lost.

Wearers of contact lenses often experience pink eye. It is very easily spread through contact lenses as the eye is always in contact with the lens. Discard the lens if it is infected. Make sure the pink eye is totally treated before you go for a new set of lenses, wear glasses for a few days.
For pink eye treatment, herbal teas like chamomile or elderberry have also been found to be effective. You can also try vitamin supplements as a vitamin C deficiency is also known to cause pink eye.

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