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Pink Eye Symptoms

Pink Eye Symptoms can have a very bad effect on you, though they can be overcome.

Pink Eye Symptoms

Pink Eye Symptoms are sometimes very odd

Pink Eye Symptoms – What Are They

Summary: Pink eye is a very common ailment that affects a lot of people and one should know how to identify pink eye symptoms so that they can take appropriate action. Pink eye can be caused by bacterial infection, viral infection or due to an allergic reaction and the severity of the symptoms may vary.

You should know what pink eye symptoms are so you can find and eliminate them before the problem aggravates into something more serious. Pink eye is a very common ailment and everybody has suffered it at some point or the other. The pink eye symptoms are cause due to either bacterial infection, viral infection or an allergic reaction. The disease is not very serious or life threatening, but it must be treated as it is highly contagious and others might suffer from it. While it is not dangerous in any way, it can be highly irritating. The irritation causes redness of the eyes and itchiness often accompanies it. So those who have it are understandably eager to get rid of it and to achieve that, you should know what the symptoms are.

Pink Eye Symptoms vary

The pink eye signs will depend on what sub-type of the condition you have but some conditions are common to all the types. The most obvious sign is of course the redness of the eye. The white part of the eye turns red or a dark pink and this happens due to the inflammation of the conjunctiva. There is sensation of irritation and itchiness. And to soothe the irritation, the eye develops a lot of tears. And in case of bacterial or viral infections, there might even be a discharge. The color and consistency of this discharge varies and it might stick the eyelids to together.

The pink eye symptoms are an irritation or inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is a transparent membrane that covers the eye and the inner surface of eyelids. The conjunctiva is hence the first to take the damage if any microbes or irritants try to make their way to the eye. The viruses that cause common ailments like sore throat, cold, respiratory infection, etc. can also cause pink eye. Bacteria like streptococci and staphylococci make their way to the eye and cause the irritation and inflammation. The allergic form of pink eye can occur from allergens like air-borne chemicals, dust mites, drugs and cosmetics. People who have allergic conditions are especially prone to this condition.

The pink eye symptoms can be treated by medications. There are different medications available depending on whether it is a bacterial, viral or allergic condition. But sometimes, the condition disappears in its own after a while, but don’t count on it. Use warm compresses to soothe the eye meanwhile.

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