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Mouth Ulcer

Mouth Ulcer problems can be different depending on person and type.

Mouth Ulcer problems

Summary- A large numbers of people worldwide are affected by the mouth ulcer problem; and it is highly important to reach to the root cause of its occurrence so that a proper treatment schedule can be framed out. There can be various reasons for it which is important to be identified before moving ahead with the treatment.

What kind of a pain brings more suffering than any common ailment? The answer lies in the two word name, ‘mouth ulcer’. It is a shocking fact to be revealed that a major part of the world population is affected by this problem. A fact to be known about them is that ulcers by themselves are not a problem, but a symptom of another ailment, infection, malignancy or disease condition. They occur as a result of bacterial, viral or fungal activity inside the mouth cavity when they inflame the lining inside it and lead to swelling, redness prior to ulcer formation. The occurrence of a mouth ulcer, or many of them for a person, causes immense pain and makes it difficult for one to consume any kind of food product.

A mouth ulcer can be any of the three prominent types:

  • Minor Ulcers: They are the most common type of ulcers, the size of which varies between 2 to 8 mm.
  • Major Ulcers: These are larger and deeper types of ulcers and take a comparatively longer time to heal.
  • Herpetiform Ulcers: This type of mouth ulcers display multiple pin head size sores in the mouth cavity.


Mouth ulcers can follow a different pattern of occurrence for every other person. While one can have them once at a time, while another could have them as a recurring trouble; there can be still others who suffer from them more frequently due to a family history of mouth ulcers behind them. The reasons for having a mouth ulcer can be different for every one affected by them, but there are a few commonly spotted reasons that include consumption of very hot or acidic foods and drinks, biting the inner cheeks, brushing the teeth and gums hard, poor fitting of dentures, consumption of certain medications or allergic foods, stress and lack of vitamins.

Mouth Ulcer Symptoms:

The main symptom of a mouth ulcer is having it! It is characterized by open sore in the mouth along with pain and discomfort caused in the mouth.mouth ulcer


The treatment of pattern of a mouth ulcer can be framed out only after reaching to the prime cause that is leading to their occurrence. The identification of the root cause remains as the basic factor behind the treatment of this problem, and without it, one cannot expect to get complete relief from it. The use of topical antihistamines, antacids or soothing preparations of the same kind can however provide temporary relief. A person, who has a tendency to get affected by them often, should try to stay away from hot or spicy foods to avoid their occurrence.

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