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Morgellons Disease

Morgellons Disease is a very mysterious disorder that we are learning more about daily.

 Morgellons Disease – What Is It?

Summary: Morgellons disease is a recently discovered disease characterized by sensations of itchiness and bugs crawling under the skin and lesions that contain strange looking fibers. Very little is known about this disease and there is ongoing research and there are as many treatment options as there are theories about its origin.



Morgellons disease is a condition where the sufferer gets sensations of itching and the sensation of something crawling under the skin. These sensations are also sometimes accompanied by lesions on the skin. These lesions burn and sting and sometimes, fibers will stick out of the skin as well. The fibers are what make the condition unique. Observed under a microscope, these fibers appear as clusters of dark threads. This condition has only recently been discovered and studied, less than ten years ago. It was named Morgellons disease is 2002 and since it is new, there is still a lot to be learned about the condition. There is research still going on to understand the disease.



Morgellons disease being new is still subject to lot of debate and speculation. Very little is known about it, especially so since it’s rare and the scientific community yet has to reach a consensus on what exactly it is. Several hypotheses have been put forward and are being tested. Most dermatologists consider it to be the variation of a previously known condition called delusional parasitosis. This condition also makes the sufferer think that there are parasites under the skin. But the thing with delusional parasitosis is there are no parasites and the whole condition is psychological, something akin to hallucinating. But what about the fibers? Where do those originate from?


morgellons disease

Morgellons Disease is a mysterious disease.


Most scientists are of the opinion that this and  delusional parasitosis are the same thing and the fibers are in fact nothing but cloth fibers that adhere to the open sores. But then again, as mentioned before, the topic is debatable. There has been evidence that the fibers may be in fact biological in origin. In a forensic lab in Oklahoma, these fibers where examined and they did not seem to match any known cloth fibers.


 Morgellons Disease connected to Lyme Disease

Most of the cases of Morgellons disease have also tested positive for lyme disease. And it could be connected to lyme disease because the anti-bacterials used to fight lyme disease also cause the symptoms of Morgellons disease to subside. But there has been no consensus on the origin of the disease and similarly, there is no consensus on the treatment method as well. Some recommend the use of antipsychotic drugs that will handle the delusions part. For the lesions, doctors recommend anti-parasitic medication, antifungals and antibiotics. The use of light therapy has also been investigated.

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