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Mood Disorder

Mood Disorder is a blanket term for a few different mental problems.


Mood Disorder – What is it?


Summary: Mood disorder has become more frequent nowadays, due to the work pressure and tensions in life. To counter this disorder, one must take professional help immediately and should get the care and attention from one’s near and dear ones.


This is caused due to the frequent and repeated disturbance of normal mood. While coping with day-to-day problems, tensions and stress levels, many people get dejected and feel let down by others during critical times. These are normal reactions during tough times of life.

Mood Disorder Symptoms

If the feeling of sadness lasts for many days, weeks and months then it may hamper the quality of life and ultimately lead to mood disorders. People with such disorders always remain sad and depressed. They do not follow proper sleep timings and do not sleep peacefully.

Mood Disorder

People affected with mood disorder are known to have mental tensions. The mental tensions become severe and make the person feel unhappy with the way events are going on in his/her life. Substantial reasons cannot be cited for the development of a disorder, because many factors such as environmental factors, hormonal imbalance, chemical imbalance in brain and genetic problems may cause this disorder. The general symptoms of this disorder are loss of interest in eating, sleeplessness, loss of energy, loss of interest in activities, headaches and aggressive behavior.

 Mood Disorder Types

There are two types of mood disorder – unipolar mood disorder and bipolar mood disorder.


The Unipolar type is commonly known as clinical depression. This can affect people of any age. More women are prone to this disorder than men are. If the situation becomes severe, then the affected individual may go to the extent of committing suicide or take extreme action on oneself. This is a very serious disorder and needs professional support.


Bipolar mood disorder is generally known as manic-depressive disorder. This disorder can cause major shifts in emotional behavior patterns and lead to high or low depression levels. The general behavior patterns exhibited by persons affected by this disorder are mania or depression.


People affected with this disorder do not behave properly, do not communicate properly, are troubled with financial or legal problems, etc. Social problems, marital problems may be few of the causes for the mood disorder. People suffering with this disorder are advised to take medical help and not neglect the problem until it becomes severe. By neglecting the disorder, one will only be aggravating the problem further.


People affected with this disorder need proper care and love. They need additional help from others in dealing with problematic situations in life. If treated early, the mood disorder can be eradicated with ease without any problems.

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