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Liver Biopsy

Liver Biopsy is an essential tool for medical professionals to determine liver health.

Liver Biopsy Useful Information

Summary: Liver biopsy is one of the vital medical examinations of the liver. It is mainly done to check the condition of the liver and its complications.

The liver biopsy is one of the important medical examinations that is done to check the condition of the liver. The main purpose of the test is to diagnose the problem of the liver so that the treatment can be started likewise. In most cases, once the doctors have an idea from the preliminary diagnosis that the patient is suffering from some form of liver disorder, they recommends a liver biopsy. This type of test is applicable for a wide range of ailments starting from ulcers and livers to tumours to even cirrhosis of liver. If the test is done properly, the chances of treatment of the patient increase.

Liver Biopsy Process

The process of liver biopsy involves the examination of a sample tissue from the liver and testing it under medical supervision. In most cases a small tissue is taken out of the liver and it is tested in the laboratory to have an idea of the ailment or ailments. Being an elaborate test, it is done in a hospital or a clinic and the patient also needs to prepare in advance. There are certain things that a patient needs to discuss with his or her doctor before the biopsy in undertaken. The patient should mention whether he or she suffers from any kind of allergy, has some bleeding problems, low blood count, and so on. The test is also avoided in some cases in case of pregnant women. Moreover, one should avoid eating or drinking anything 8 hours prior to the test.Liver Biopsy

Being an important and elaborate test, the patient is required to sign a consent form before the liver biopsy. Before the test blood examination is also done to check the condition of the blood and its ability to clot.

Before the procedure is done, the patient is administered a sedative in order to reduce the pain. In most cases, the tissue is taken out through the abdominal wall and the patient is asked to lie down with the right hand under the head and keep still. Once the correct spot is determined, the needle is inserted and the tissue is taken out. In most cases, advanced ultrasound technology is used to guide the needle to the right place. This reduces damage to the liver to a significant extent. After the tissue is taken, the needle is taken and pressure is applied to stop the bleeding. Dressing is done and the patient is told to take rest and that is the end of the liver biopsy in general terms.  Make sure to visit your medical professional or even a specialist with specific questions.

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