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Itchy Moles

Itchy Moles Causes and Treatments

Itchy Moles What Are They?


Summary- There is a normal tendency to have itchy moles developed on the skin, and also feel sacred of them, but one should know that all the moles that give an itchy feeling are not necessarily harmful. they can be due to various reasons and there are criterions to judge whether they are harmful or not.
Among the various types of moles, the itchy ones are ones that have to be bothered about or paid most amount of attention as they are normally signs of malignancy in the skin cells. Normally, a collection of pigment cells that cluster abnormally under the skin, in certain cases, they can even prove to be cancerous thus, if one gets any such mole on the skin, it is necessary that proper treatment is done for it and in time.

Itchy Moles: Types

There are various types of moles, not necessarily malignant itchy moles that can be found on the human body but it s not necessary that all of them are harmful. There are a few factors that distinguish a normal and harmless mole from a harmful one, they are:
• Asymmetry- A harmful mole would not be symmetrical in its boundaries and shape.
• Border- The mole that is harmful would have rough borders and would seem to be spreading further on the skin’s surface.
• Color- A harmful mole can also be identified by its uneven coloring.
• Diameter- The mole which is harmful would be bigger in size than a pencil eraser.
• Evolution- The changes in the appearanceand feel of the mole can also be a defining factor for it being harmful. If it is a painful, bleeding and itchy mole, it certainly needs help.
After confirming on these criterions, one should go to a dermatologist, who would conduct a biopsy of the skin around the itchy mole to determine how harmful it can be for the individual.
Causes of Itchy Moles:
There are a few causes that can cause itchy moles. The first among them are sun’s UV rays. The sun burns that these rays cause on our skin, can be a major cause of moles of this type. Another cause can be the use of highly concentrated chemical cosmetics, which can affect the skin permanently. To stay away from these causes of itchy moles, one can always use a good quality sunscreen and try to stay away from highly concentrated chemical cosmetics.
Treatments Possible:
The people who develop itchy moles should first get them diagnosed properly from a dermatologist and after it is confirmed to be harmful, try to find the possible and recommended treatments. Normally, the dermatologists can remove these moles easily, if they have not developed too much, or the malignancy has not spread too far under the skin. One should not go in for a self-treatment for itchy moles and consult a dermatologist definitely as it is possible that itchy moles are not dangerous or are due to some minor problems only.

Itchy Moles

Itchy Moles often appear

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