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Influenza Vaccine

Influenza Vaccine is the safest way to have a healthy flu season.

Influenza Vaccine: What you need to know?

Summary- Influenza vaccine is the safest way to ensure a healthy winter for you and your loved ones. The infections which are so common during the season can be easily avoided if the vaccinations are taken regularly before the influenza season really hits on.

Though influenza vaccine is very easily available over the counter and or in any drugstore, we do come across a lot of doubts regarding the medications, this articles aims to address some frequently asked questions regarding the influenza vaccine, which are so commonly available everywhere all across the world.

Influenza Vaccine: FAQ

·         What are the types of influenza vaccine, which are available in the market? -  There are various kinds of vaccines available depending upon the needs and the requirements of the patients which is again decided on the age and immunity factors. MF59, A (H3N2) and A (H1N1) are some of the examples.

·         How does the influenza vaccine work? – The antibodies which are present in the vaccine start developing inside the human body once they are injected. These antibodies fight against the disease virus and neutralize its effect, thus either killing them or curbing their effect all together.

·         How to use the antivirus medicines?  Antiviral injection tends to lessen the effect of the harmful virus inside the human body; the most commonly injected antiviral are Tami flu and Relenza.Influenza Vaccine

·         When should the influenza vaccine be given? The best time to take this vaccination is the gap between middle of September to the middle of middle of November. This would ensure protection during the seasonal attack of the virus.

·         What are the side effects of the vaccination?  The usual side effects are extremely mild and come in the form of soreness and rashes on the skin sometimes. There can be a case of slight fever or muscle pain which lasts mot more than twenty four hours. In the case of pregnancy it is advised to avoid the influenza vaccine.

·         Should the influenza vaccine be repeated every year? The influenza virus has a tendency to immune itself and mutate rapidly so it is possible to get influenza more than once a year. This is the reason why, it always advised to get a precautionary vaccination done which is going to give a long term relief from any such attack.

·         How long the vaccine takes to start its affect?  In case of a serious infection, it can take up to two weeks for an anti body to develop and start its immunity protection inside the body. It is always suggested to take the vaccination before the influenza season begins.

·         Is it possible to get influenza attack even after the vaccinations? Yes, unfortunately, in the case old senior citizens and very small kids it is highly possible of an infection despite the influenza vaccine. But the good news is that, the post vaccine infections are very mild and does not cause any sort of serious conditions or the need of hospitalization.

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