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HSV1 is controllable when managed correctly.


HSV1 Can Cause Both Cold Sores and Genital Herpes


Summary: the hsv1 mainly causes cold sores in and around the mouth and lips though it can also cause genital herpes. There’s no cure as such though antiviral drugs and prescription drugs provide some relief.


Herpes simplex virus, hsv1, causes cold sores that are basically small blisters around the mouth. Hsv1 is the most common virus strain causing cold sores. The virus may reactivate if the strain lies dormant for long periods of time in an infected person. Cold sores do not last longer than two weeks. The episodes of the sores vary depending on the person’s immune system. A depressed immune system, cold wind, simple cold and hot sun can reactivate the herpes simplex virus symptoms. During the first attack, the person (children or adult) might not experience any symptom. However, common symptoms for hsv1 herpes include ulcers in and around the mouth and severe flu-like conditions.

 HSV1 Symptoms

The symptoms may be different in case of a child than in case of an adult. Some other common symptoms apart from cold sores are a cluster of blisters or one blister that forms on the mouth or lips. They enlarge, burst and finally crusts over. You might also have a tingling sensation in the lips. The soreness of the mouth and lips may last from three to ten days depending on the condition. The entire period, the patient suffers from tremendous irritation and itching of lips and mouth. It is very much possible that these cold sores symptoms caused by the hsv1 virus strain might resemble other dermatological symptoms and medical problems. Thus, it is best to consult the doctor before taking any medication. For diagnosis in your child, always consult a child specialist.HSV1


The child specialist ascertains the level of infection and provides treatment. Factors such as extent of the disease, your child’s tolerance for procedures, therapies or specific medications, your expectation for the disease’s course and your opinion are always taken into consideration before meting out medication and therapies to kill in hsv1 infection. Frankly speaking, there’s no cure for the cold sores. Medicines and other treatments help alleviating the symptoms in case the incidence is quite severe. Prescription drugs and antiviral medications are generally given by health experts to help control the spread. The hsv1 can also cause genital herpes though the type 2 virus is the main cause. The best way to combat genital herpes is to abstain from having sex when the condition is prevalent. Always use condoms even when having oral sex. Practicing safe sex between outbreaks of the virus is recommended. Protection is the best measure to combat the virus.

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