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HPV Warts

HPV Warts are totally avoidable


Information about HPV warts: symptoms, causes, treatment

Summary: Understanding about HPV warts, how they occur and what they are is important. With early detection and the right treatment, the condition can be controlled and dealt with easily.

HPV warts are something that can be a really serious concern. You not only experience discomfort, but also a lot of shame and embarrassment, especially if they are in visible regions of your body. Warts can be quite a dangerous condition and some of these viral infections can lead to other complications like cervical cancer or anal cancer in men and women. HPV virus occurs after an infection of the skin by a virus from the papiloma family. They are quite itchy and ugly to look at. Depending on the type of HPV virus infection, it can spread on different parts of the body and also appear different.

These genital warts appear as growths or bumps on the body. They may be a single one, a flat wart or a raised HPV warts that occur. They aren’t easily seen by the naked eye at times, which is why a lot of the time someone with this condition isn’t aware they have it. There are more than 300 types of HPV virus that causes warts and it is quite a  commonly occurring infectious condition in both teenagers and adults. People with multiple sexual partners are at a higher risk for genital warts. Close examination of the skin by  a doctor will help to determine the condition.

HPV Warts:Time Sensitve

It is important to immediately get a doctor to examine you if you have a problem that you suspect may be genital warts. There won’t be itches or pain but sometimes, even pain may be present. When left unexamined it will proliferate and grow to be unmanageable. Make sure you take the right measures for protection when having sexual or intimate relationships. Condoms don’t give complete protection from these warts as it can spread from areas not covered by the condom. However, it is important to still use it to prevent STDs, especially since there are no great sources for HPV Treatment yet, though they are being worked on daily.HPV Warts

HPV Warts Prevention

There is also a vaccine that has been issued by the US government against HPV warts. This vaccine works against certain strains of the virus that causes cervical cancer. There are different kinds of treatments based on where the warts are, how big they are and how many are present. Special medication is often prescribed for the warts or techniques like freezing may be used. It can be a recurring condition that can create a lot of embarrassment, so make sure you have yourself or any partners you have had sex with examined immediately.

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