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HPV Treatment

HPV Treatment options are wide ranging, choose what is best for you.

HPV Treatment Different Options


Summary: HPV is caused by a virus and since these viruses cannot be cured by antibiotics, the HPV treatment depends on the type of virus that the infected person has contracted.


The HPV treatment depends on the specific type of virus that you have contracted. If you have contracted the least risk type of HPV that causes genital warts, these warts can be removed easily with some home treatment or at your doctor’s clinic. However, if you have contracted the high risk type of HPV which causes cervical, anal or other kinds of genital cancer, then the treatment depends on the different stages of development at the time you were diagnosed.


There are different kinds of HPV treatment options available and these are as follows:

  • Treatment of Genital and also Anal Warts.

HPV Treatment Options At Home

There are some home treatments that are available and some treatment options are also available at the doctor’s clinic. It takes around eight months time to successfully treat cervical, anal and the genital warts. If the warts are not seen after sometime, it does not mean that the HPV virus has been eliminated completely because the warts may resurface after a period of time. If the number of warts is bulky then your doctor or physician may recommend any of the following HPV treatment options:HPV Treatment

  • One of the treatment options available is the cryotherapy or the chemical treatment method. This can be painful, quite embarrassing and it may also cause some kind of scarring of the skin. Two powerful chemicals which are directly applied can destroy the external genital and also the anal warts, however, this treatment must be continued many times.
  • A new product called as Aldara cream is available these days and is considerable successful in stimulating the immune system of the body in order to fight the virus that causes the genital and also the anal warts.

The other factors that can affect the HPV treatment are smoking, Vitamin A deficiency or other sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Treatment of Pre-cancerous lesions.
  • Pre-cancerous lesions do not cause any kind of noticeable symptoms. These symptoms are easily detected only through a colposcopy test. It is important to have this test at regular intervals as the pre-cancerous cells may take as much as ten years to finally develop into cancer. The earlier the cervical cancer is detected, the easier it will be to treat it successfully. At this stage, the  treatment for HPV options include Loop electrosurgical excision procedure or the LEEP. This treatment involves the tissue removal by using a wired loop. Other treatment options include the laser therapy or the cryotherapy.
  • Treatment of HPV- related cancer.

Once a person is detected with cervical cancer, it also means that he has invasive cancer in the inner layers of the cervix and the cancerous cells have spread to the uterus too. If the cancer has spread only to the cervix, then it can be treated with the uterus removal, also known as hysterectomy. However, if the cancer has spread to the anus or other genital areas too, then the cancer can be treated only by surgery or the radiation therapy.

Whatever you choose for your HPV Treatment make sure you check with a medical professional.





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