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How to Treat Hemorrhoids

How to Treat Hemorrhoids, there really are quite a few options

How to Treat Hemorrhoids– FAQ’s on the Treatments Available?


Summary: How to treat hemorrhoids and what are the complications involved are the general questions that one may need to know while suffering from hemorrhoids. With the advancement in technology, many procedures have been developed to treat hemorrhoids effectively, without causing the least discomfort and pain.


Diagnosis and the methods approached on the different treatment for hemorrhoids play a very important role in successfully eliminating the discomfort caused due to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid is a condition, which leads to swelling of veins near the anus due to excessive pressure. Though the symptoms are not always prevalent, there are few symptoms like excessive itching in the anal region, tenderness and pain during bowel activities with blood, and swelling of anal section that are very helpful in identifying and treating hemorrhoids.


There are different treatments available to treat hemorrhoids like cyrosurgery, laser treatment, sclerotherapy, and rectal anal repair, but the treatments approached lies entirely on your physician and the degree of hemorrhoid. Most of these treatments are completed in very less time, and the patient can resume his daily activities very soon. However, it is advised not to put excessive stress on the blood veins of the anal region for better effectiveness.


Here, we discuss some of the FAQs related to the different treatments available for hemorrhoids:

How to treat hemorrhoids using IRC?

IRC or Infrared Coagulation is one of the procedures used to treat hemorrhoids, and it is usually based on the severity of the hemorrhoid and the comfort level of the patient. It is very effective to treat hemorrhoids that are very small or medium sized. The number of sittings required to treat the affected tissue depends on the severity and the response of the patient. It is a safe procedure that involves no pain and leads to no complications.


How to treat hemorrhoids using Rubber Band Ligation?How To Treat Hemorrhoids

This procedure takes the help of a lubricated scope to identify and treat the hemorrhoid. It is usually performed at a surgical center, and involves the placement of an elastic band on the base of the hemorrhoid that falls off with normal bowel activity. Anesthesia may not be required, but used after the procedure to reduce discomfort. It is very effective in treating hemorrhoid of second degree.


Treating hemorrhoids using CRH-O’Regan System?

This disposable ligator device is an alternative used over rubber band ligation. It takes very less time to operate, and does not require the use of medicines, pre or post procedure. This procedure is very effective in reducing the pain arising due to the ligation.


How to treat hemorrhoids using DG-HAL?

This procedure takes less than 20 minutes, and the patient can go home the same day after the procedure. Sedation may or may not be needed in this procedure. It is very effective to treat hemorrhoids of grades two and three.


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