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How Contagious is Pink Eye

How Contagious is Pink Eye and for how long? What precautions need to be taken?

How Contagious is Pink Eye

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How Contagious is Pink Eye Really?

Summary: Pink eye is a condition that causes inflammation of the eye causing it to appear dark pink or red and this condition is known to be contagious, but how contagious is pink eye? Well it’s not highly contagious, but there are certain things you can do to avoid getting it across to others or from getting it yourself.

How contagious is pink eye That is a very sensible question as knowing the answer to that will help you know what you can do to prevent the disease from spreading to others. Pink eye is an inflammation of the eye that causes it to get inflamed and hence appear pink or dark red, hence the name pink eyes. This condition is contagious and could spread to others. While it is not contagious, is can cause quite a lot of discomfort and since others will experience that discomfort if the condition spreads, it would be good if you could avoid giving it to others. And what exactly do you have to do to avoid this?  So really, easy does this pass from one person to the next before you get Pink Eye treatment? It definitely is contagious and the level if how contagious it is depends on several factors.

How easy is it to pass on Pink Eye? That could depend on what type of pink eyes it is, whether it is bacterial, viral or due to allergens. Contagious diseases could soon spread into and epidemic and cause lots of deaths. But no such risk with pink eye as it is neither fatal, nor can it be considered highly contagious. It is mildly contagious though. And it is important that you know what causes it to spread so you can avoid getting it across to others if you have it. Or on the other hand, avoid getting it yourself when others have it.

How contagious is pink eye due to virus?

Well, viral pink eye can be cause by any of the viruses that cause common ailments like cold, sore throat and respiratory disorders. No a virus may or may not cause such a reaction in an individual, it depends on how resistant they are to that particular microbe.  Think of all the actions that could get the virus across to another individual. Close physical contact can get the virus across. And sharing of items of personal use can also transfer the virus. Do you share a towel with the infected person? Or you could get it if you borrow their sunglasses or eyewear. Now one might ask whether it can be sexually transmitted. Well, it’s not due to the sex so much as due to the infected person’s eye coming near to the other person’s eye.

So how contagious is pink eye due to bacteria? Pretty much the same scenario as in the case of a virus. But if caused due to an allergen, it might not be contagious as the allergen might not be present there and the other person might be more resistant to it.

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