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HIV Symptoms

HIV Symptoms are something you definitely should keep up with if you live a high risk lifestyle

 HIV Symptoms That Everyone Must Know



As the total manifestations of the AIDS virus take years to surface, it is important that individuals have an initial idea about HIV symptoms. Questionable bruises, lesions and weight loss are the primary indications of an AIDS infection.


It has been decades since the first case of AIDS was reported. However, the progress to eliminate this highly dangerous sexually-transmitted disease is far from being completed. As the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) continues to emerge, more and more people around the world are being put at risk. Individuals who engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners are not the only group that is directly in peril. The HIV can also be transmitted through unsafe blood transfusions. In addition, the AIDS virus is also acquired genetically. With the cure for this dreaded disease still unavailable, it is important that the society has a basic idea of the HIV symptoms to prevent the proliferation of the virus.

HIV Symptoms: How they attack the body

The way the AIDS virus attacks the human body is strategic. In order to penetrate effectively, the main defensive elements known as the T4 cells are destroyed, paving towards an onslaught of the entire structure. With the weakening of the cells, the entire human immune system is in jeopardy. The virus sets into motion a number of processes that will annihilate most of the functional mechanisms of the human body. During the early period of infection, HIV symptoms remain undetected. As the spread of the virus goods deep through the circulatory system, initial manifestations of the AIDS surfaces. Infected individuals will feel flu-like signs and appearances. Colds, hacking coughs, rashes and body pains are felt by the patients. In addition, the swelling of some glands and nodes in the body comes into motion. These series of initial HIV symptoms may not be felt by other infected people. The asymptomatic state of the disease also depends on the immune activity of an individual. The invasive methods of the virus may take some time in totally penetrating and destroying the body defenses, which is why the symptoms are not yet manifested.

HIV Symptoms

The drastic decrease of T4 cells will take months or even years to take full effect inside the body. The virus will continue to make its presence felt in the blood, and once the immune system loses steam, visual signs of the HIV symptoms are demonstrated. Sudden weight loss is one of the manifestations to emerge. Apart from other body disorders, a questionable drop in body weight surfaces. Changes in the skin are also observed. Small lesions or wounds in the mouth are seen. The presence of body bruises and unexplained diarrhea for longer periods of time are the other HIV symptoms. Body activities with unclear medical clarification are usually associated with the penetration of the AIDS virus.

Obviously if you feel like you have the symptoms of HIV you should immediately seek medical attention.  Of course the other option is to try a home HIV test.

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