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HIV Infection

HIV Infection is one of the most fatal diseases in the world, without a cure.

HIV Infection- Some Basic Facts


Summary: HIV infection is commonly referred to as AIDS. It is one of the most fatal diseases in the world without any cure.


Hiv infection is one of the most potent diseases that has spread all over the world. Popularly referred to as AIDS or Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome, it is a disorder that slowly damages the overall immunity of the body, and leads to gradual death. Until now, it ranks among the most fatal diseases all over the globe, occurring in around 25 million people during the period between 1981 and 2006. Hiv infection is caused due to a special kind of virus that is known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus. There has been significant research to combat this deadly disease, and hopefully researchers will come with a treatment in the long run.


There are various ways through which Hiv infection is spread. Some of the most obvious means are semen or reproductive fluid, infected blood transfusion, breast milk, vaginal fluid, among others. Slowly but steadily, it damages the immunity system of the body and that leads to the total failure of the human body’s capacity to resist ailments. The patient suffers from even minor diseases, and ultimately dies from total immunity failure. In some cases, the infection is also caused due to other diseases such as Hepatitis B and Cancer. By going through proper medical examination, the causes and symptoms of the disease can be diagnosed.

 HIV Infection – Detection

The most effective way to detect a Hiv infection is through blood tests. The blood sample of the patient is collected and some advanced examination is made. Some related medical examination procedures are also carried out through which the physicians become sure of the occurrence of the infection. However, it is absolutely a wrong notion that Hiv infection is contagious. In no way does any other person get the disease through contagious means. The incidence of the disease is prevalent in less developed nations, where awareness is very low and the medical infrastructure is also less developed.

HIV Infection

Prevention is one of the main ways to bring down Hiv infection. Some of the preventive methods include safe sexual intercourse, clinical blood transfusion methods, no blood infection during child birth, and so on. These are some of the essential steps that are needed to minimize the occurrence of the deadly disease. Thanks to medical science, there are some medications available that provide initial relief to the patient. Some of them include anti viral drugs, reverse transcriptase inhibitor, and so on. It has been seen that these reduce the spread of the disease by around 40% in case of adults.

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