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Herpes Type 2

Herpes Type 2 is a STD that is more common in women.

Herpes Type 2 Treatment Options

Many people in the US are suffering from Herpes Type2 virus. The only way to prevent this virus is through abstaining from sexual activity from unreliable persons. More women are suffering from HSV-2 virus when compared to men. Pregnant women, who suffer from HSV-2 virus, need to contact the doctor immediately to prevent transmission of the disease to the baby.


Sexually transmitted disease, herpes is caused due to the presence of Herpes Simplex Virus. Two types of herpes viruses include herpes type1 and herpes type 2. The first type of virus is generally caused due to usage of tooth brushes and utensils that were used by others. It can also be caused due to kissing. The second type of virus is caused due to sexual contact with another person, who already has herpes type 2 virus in the body.

 Herpes Type 2 Symptoms

The symptoms of herpes type 2 virus include blisters around rectum, mouth and genitals. The blisters can also occur around other areas of the body. Some people, who do not have any of these visible symptoms, could also suffer from this type of virus. It can be confirmed through blood test. The presence of herpes can be confirmed through laboratory tests such as PCR and DNA. Once transmitted, it will lie in the spinal cord of the body forever. There is no cure for this type of sexually transmitted virus. You can only reduce its severity using some medicines.

Herpes Type 2

Some of the drugs available in the market to reduce severity of herpes type 2 virus are Valtrex, Zovirax and Famvir. You can get relief from genital sores with warm bath. The best way to cure genital sores is to stay away from sexual activity with unreliable persons. The virus will remain in the body and gets activated due to various conditions such as menstruation, sexual activity, emotional or physical stress, fatigue and general illness.


Pregnant women, who are suffering from herpes type 2 virus need to contact the doctor to prevent transmission of this disease to the baby. The doctor will diagnose the disease and prescribe correct medicine to reduce the chances of the baby getting affected with this deadly virus.


It is estimated that 16% of the population, who are aged between 14 and 49 years, in the US are affected with herpes type 2 virus. About 81% of people, who suffer from HSV-2, have not been tested for HSV-2. About 45 million people, who are aged twelve and above, in the United States are suffering from herpes virus. More women, who are aged between 14 and 49 years, in the US are suffering from genital herpes than men. Use of condoms may not prevent transmission of herpes. Antibiotics are also not useful to reduce genital herpes. You can stay away from this infection by preventing sexual contact with others.




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