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Herpes Treatment

Herpes Treatment - Wading through the myths

Herpes Treatment- The Myths Busted


Summary- Taking herpes treatment becomes very important after having contracted the disease, but there are a few myths associated with the disease and its treatment patterns, which can withdraw one from going ahead. It is important to realize the truth behind these myths to counter the disease properly, and in time.


Herpes disease is a serious viral disorder, resulting in blisters and sores that are painful to bear, so, it is important to seek treatment of herpes as soon as possible and get rid of it. The disease is a result of a of a few types of viruses that act on different areas of the body; like the mouth, genitals or at times the whole body, in cases like chicken pox. The seriousness and shamefulness caused by the disease makes it compulsory for those affected by it to seek a cure soon, but there are certain myths associated with its treatment pattern that lead to apprehensions in the minds.

 Herpes Treatment MythsHerpes Treatment

As we all know, myths are the products of the minds of those people who lack awareness, and spread their incomplete knowledge among the common people. Some of these myths about treatment for herpes have been analyzed in the following points:

  • The Herpes sores are permanent

This is the most prominent myth associated with herpes treatment that despite the proper treatment patterns adopted, the sores do not disappear permanently. While the fact is that if a person takes the treatment in a proper manner, the sores disappear to never come back to the patient.

  • Herpes leads to sterility

People have also believed that despite proper herpes treatment, the virus leads to sterility. However, the fact of the matter is that there is no medical ground for such a belief, and in case a person affected with herpes gains symptoms of sterility, he could contract other STDs and should consult a doctor for them.

  • Herpes is highly contagious

Yet another myth associated with herpes is that it is a highly contagious disease that can be contracted even if a person uses the same toilet seat used by a herpes patient. However, the medical analysis reports have confirmed the fact that the herpes virus does not survive in open air, and thus, cannot be contracted in this method.

  • Herpes spreads more in cases where one has more sexual partners

This has been a myth associated with the disease since a long time, but the truth is that this is a higher possibility in case of other STDs, and not herpes, which can be transmitted, even when a person has just one sexual partner.

  • Herpes spoils the sex life

It is a common belief that a patient having contracted herpes cannot ever have sex, but it should be known that after taking the recommended herpes treatment and with proper preventive measures, one can continue to have a normal sex life. Taking prevention is important to avoid any chances of being a carrier of the disease.


Herpes Treatment Update

The best way to prevent herpes virus is not to have sexual contact with unknown people. Valtrex and Zovirax will help to lower the outbreak of herpes. Natural foods such as fish, meat and beans will help to control herpes virus.


Once infected with herpes virus, it is very difficult to prevent its recurrence, as the virus will hide in the tissues. The best way to prevent herpes simplex virus is by not having sexual relationship with unknown persons, and with those already suffering from herpes virus. There is no medicine to completely cure the herpes. The medicines available in the market will only help to reduce its outbreak and associated pain. The common medicines recommended for herpes treatment are Valtrex and Zovirax. These medicines will help to reduce the effects of herpes virus. However, they will have side effects on our body.


Topical creams can be utilized for herpes treatment. Men, as well as women, can use these topical creams to prevent outbreak of herpes virus. The best way to prevent such outbreak is to have healthy immune system. It generally attacks cells when our body is weak. When we suffer from cold and fever, it gets active during such phases. You are advised to control cold and other diseases, and stay healthy to keep the herpes virus under control.


Larrea plant is commonly found in the US. Larrea plant’s extract has the ability to control the outbreak of herpes. It can be introduced to our body to reduce the outbreak of herpes. It actually slows down the reproduction of cells. Hence, the outbreak of herpes is automatically controlled, as it suppresses the reproduction of herpes virus and bacteria. It is one of the best herpes treatment options for people who suffer severe herpes infection.


A gel, which is made using the extracts of Red Seaweed, is highly effective to reduce the outbreak of herpes. Polysaccharides are also effective to prevent transmission of herpes from one person to another during sexual contact. It is one among the best herpes treatment options.


People, who suffer from herpes virus, can use commonly available minerals and vitamins to suppress the pain caused by herpes virus. Zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E are effective to control the outbreak of herpes. Diet, which is rich in amino acids such as lysine, will help to reduce the discomfort caused by herpes.


Avoiding certain types of foods, such as brown rice and certain nuts will help to lower the effects of herpes virus. However, some foods such as meats, fish and beans will help to control herpes virus. These are some of the best natural herpes treatment options.


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