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Hepatitis Vaccine

Hepatitis Vaccine is extremely important and must be administered at the correct times.

Hepatitis Vaccine Information

Summary: there are many people who don’t know all they should about vaccines. With many dangerous illnesses, you can opt for a good preventive dose like the hepatitis vaccine which is now a widely recommended one.

Nowadays, with the advancement of science, there is greater prevention measures being introduced. All of the new vaccinations and immunizations are greatly helping kids make the choice and transition to a hale and hearty lifestyle. There are two types of Vaccine for hepatitis, and knowing about the hepatitis vaccine is important to make sure you get it done. One is called Havrix, it is a killed or inactivated one where the body learns to attack the hepatitis A causative agent should it infect you later. This reduces the chances of an infection of hepatitis B however, hepatitis A can still occur despite a complete vaccination.

The hepatitis vaccine is a shot in the arm. There are two in total that have to be done in order to completely rid yourself of the illness. Children and adults are required to have a booster vaccine done soon after taking the first shot within a time span of 6 months. With 2-4 weeks of the first dose, you will be protected from the illness. You can talk to your local health clinic or your doctor about vaccine for hepatitis. Make sure you get it done at the earliest and you can also get it for your baby, depending on the age.

There are also hepatitis vaccine for adults which are to be administered in 3 doses.
A vaccine is recommended for all kids above one year of age. When traveling to areas or visiting places where hepatitis is common, you should consider taking the shots to ensure a preventive action against a possible infection by the virus. This includes Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central and South America, Africa, Asia and parts of the Caribbean. Talk to your doctor about  the travel plans and make sure you schedule the shots well ahead of the trip and protect yourself.Hepatitis Vaccine

Hepatitis Vaccine and Travel

If you have to travel immediately after the first shot of the Hepatitis vaccine, consider getting an immunoglobulin shot as a preventive measure. People who have some kind of liver disease, military personnel, employees of child day care centers, people who need clotting factor for hemophilia are all persons who should consider getting a hepatitis vaccine done. If you have had hepatitis A in the past, there is no need for a vaccination, if you are pregnant or nursing, you should not take the shots. Also avoid it if you have some illness, and delay the shot until the illness goes away.

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