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Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Hemorrhoid Symptoms seem obvious to those that have experience with them.

Hemorrhoid Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Summary: Hemorrhoid symptoms are the best and fastest method of identifying this uncomfortable condition. Only after that can any form of treatment begin.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids are used to identify the condition and begin treatment. Hemorrhoid is a condition where the veins near and around the anal passage become swollen and tender due to increased pressure. Hemorrhoid is a natural condition and everyone has this. It is only due to inflammation that any discomfort arises and treatment is required.

 Hemorrhoid Symptoms – Causes

Hemorrhoids occur either internally or externally but both cases occur near the anal passage only. Finding Hemorrhoid symptoms is essential for treatment; however it is just as important to know the causes of this condition. There are many different causes attributed to hemorrhoids and they are:

·         Straining caused by constipation. It is thought that hard stools put pressure on the passage and affect the glands as well.

·         Severe diarrhea and vomiting

·         Pregnancy is also considered a cause due to pressure placed by the uterus on the lower abdomen.

·         Having a diet low in fiber

·         Old age is also considered a factor

·         Overweight and unhealthy lifestyle

·         Liver cirrhosis

·         Infection of the anal passage.

Some of the hemorrhoid symptoms include:

·         When there is enlargement of internal hemorrhoid, it swells in the anal passage and thus causes pain whenever there is bowel movement. This will lead to a small quantity of blood to be passed in the stools

·         Incomplete bowel movement

·         Itching in the anal area

·         Soft lumps felt at the opening of the anus.

Once the hemorrhoid symptoms have been identified, diagnosis can begin. The doctor will have to do an examination of the anal passage which may include a physical examination or an external diagnosis. Some of the tools he may use include an aneoscope which is the use of a thin tubular instrument being inserted into the rectum. It has a small eyepiece for the doctor to be able to view the condition and a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy.Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Once the doctor has studied the hemorrhoid symptoms and performed a diagnosis, treatment can begin. Most cases heal on their own. Most treatments are for symptoms such as

·         warm tub or sitz or hip baths several times a day

·         Cold compress or packs to reduce swelling and acetaminophen or aspirin

·         Wearing loose fitting clothes and only cotton underwear

·         Using hemorrhoid cream or petroleum jelly

·         Regular cleaning of the anal passage after bowel movement by patting dry gently with pads or toilet paper

·         Other medical procedures include sclerotherapy injections, infrared photocoagulation, laser coagulation etc.


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