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Gout Treatment

Gout Treatment is all about reducing uric acid levels

Gout Treatment: What you need to know!


Gout is a form of arthritis and generally affects joints like the big toe and finger.  It is caused by a build up of uric acid in the blood stream. Generally a build up of uric acid does not cause health issues, but when levels are really high, the uric acid forms crystals in the joints.  This causes sudden burning and pain in the joints and also causes stiffness.


People who are at risk of getting gout are generally overweight, drink a lot and eat foods which are high in purine which are found in meats and fish. Certain medications like diuretics also bring it on.  If you are suffering from unexplained attacks of pain and stiffness in your joints, consult your physician for an exam and get a diagnosis to determine a course of Gout treatment.

 Gout Treatment Methods

Treatment methods for gout can take several forms.  Firstly, after diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe steroids to reduce inflammation in the joints and some other medicines to alleviate general discomfort.  Most doctors advise against aspirin as it aggravates the condition by raising uric acid levels in the blood.Gout Treatment


As part of the medication regimen in Treatment for Gout , you will have to take pills to reduce uric acid levels in your blood.  Follow directions and a lot of people stay on this for the rest of their lives.  Most doctors recommend a change in diet as part of the Gout Treatment.  Some foods are to be avoided at all costs and most alcohol, especially beer, is a big no no.  Lots of water and fluids are an absolute must to flush out excess uric acid from the body.


As with most diseases, exercise is part of the Gout Treatment regimen.  People who have had this condition for a long time need to have their health monitored to see if there is any kidney damage.


Other benign methods one can use in Treatment of Gout  include not putting too much weight on the joint and elevating it to avoid too much pain.  Do not put ice or heat on the joints as this can have the opposite effect.  Ice lowers temperatures in the area and crystals form more rapidly in such conditions and heat increases blood circulation which just makes the pain more acute.  Wear comfortable shoes which have a lot of room in the front and the toes have room to move and are not pinched.  Stretching and low impact exercise can help to keep joints from stiffening up.


Gout  is an entirely avoidable condition and awareness is key and Gout Treatment can fix it if you do get it.  If we know what causes a disease and practice moderation, we can avoid a lot of pain and suffering.

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