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Flu Virus

Flu Virus comes in many different types or strains, contrary to popular belief

Flu Virus different strains


Summary: Contrary to popular belief, there are actually different types and strains of the flu virus, more commonly known as influenza. These strains can be just as dangerous so better keep an eye on them.



The flu virus, more commonly known as influenza, is responsible for a lot of deaths around the world. What’s interesting about this virus is that there are also a number of strains that people aren’t actually aware of. These different kinds of the virus are actually the root of the many other different kinds of sicknesses that might pose a threat to many different people, especially if their immune system or resistance isn’t as strong to combat and battle the virus. Also, not all the strains of the virus are the same! Some can actually make you extremely ill, while others can just cause milder symptoms. Before we dwell into these different strains, here is a background on the common flu, or influenza.


Influenza, or commonly known as the flu, is a respiratory infection that is contagious. It is caused by a number of different types of the flu virus as well. Some of the symptoms that one might experience if he has the flu are muscle soreness, muscle aches, fever, and headache. If not treated immediately and left alone, the flu can be more deadly than it merely seems. There are three major types of flu virus, commonly flu viruses A, B, and C.Flu Virus


The Type A and Type B are the common causes of the annual influenza epidemics. These are the causes of why 20% of our population catches the sniffles, coughs, have high fevers, and body pains. The Type C flu virus, on the other hand, cause less severe symptoms, but this doesn’t mean that it should be ignored because sometimes, it can lead to a bigger ailment. Flu itself is attached to as much as 200,000 hospitalizations every year in the United States alone. That is why flu vaccine was created in order to prevent such from occurring.

Flu Virus Type A = Ifluenza

Type A flu virus, also known as the influenza A virus, is responsible for infecting both people and animals. It is known that wild birds are the main hosts for this strain of flu. It is also known to be changing constantly and is somehow responsible also for the larger and more dangerous flu infections and epidemics. A strain of this influenza virus, the A2 virus, is spread by humans that have already been infected by Influenza A. Type B Virus on the other hand, is less severe than type A, but can occasionally still be harmful. Lastly, Type C flu virus is the mildest of all three. This virus does not cause any epidemics and most people don’t become extremely ill from this.

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