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Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine has tons of myths, but here are the facts

Flu Vaccine – Helpful Facts and Myths of this Vaccine

Summary: The brilliant property of a flu vaccine is to provide immunization and prevent the outspread of various viruses is highly appreciable. Though they are very effective in use, they are many myths that trouble many people and prevent them from taking the shot on the right time.

There are various myths related to flu and flu vaccine. The misconceptions related to flu may turn out fatal if people are unaware of the facts. A better understanding about influenza and its corresponding affect can help us eliminating the misconceptions and providing better environment to the people affected by it.

Here we discuss some of the myths and facts related to flu vaccine:

Flu Vaccine Myth

Myth: Taking a flu shot can cause flu

Fact: This is one of the most common myths related to flu. It is important to know that flu shot is administered to prevent the occurrence of this serious disease. Though it may cause slight soreness or redness on the area where the shot was given in few people, it rarely causes flu or any other serious diseases or problems.

Myth: Side effects of a flu shot are very dangerousFlu Vaccine

Fact: A flu shot is very effective in preventing flu and has effectiveness of around 70% to 80%. The most common and prevalent sign that reflects upon taking flu vaccine is a sore arm. Apart from this, other symptoms like runny nose, nasal congestion, cough and sore throat can also be witnessed in few cases. Moreover, developing an allergic reaction is highly impossible.

Myth: The vaccine is more effective only in older people

Fact: The effectiveness of the vaccine depends on the age as well as the health of the person who is taking the flu shot. It also depends on the similarity of the virus present in the vaccine and the virus which is in circulation.

Though there are no limitations on the use of this vaccine, there are few circumstances which prevent the use of this vaccine. It should be noted that people who have an allergy to chicken eggs or influenza, or have a history of Guillain–Barré Syndrome should not take this shot. Infants below 6 months of age do not come in the valid age group to take this shot. If a person is affected with mild to severe fever, it is advised to wait till they recover completely before they take the flu vaccine.

Myth: Flu virus remains the same and hence, a onetime flu shot is enough to prevent the virus

Fact: With changing times, we have witnessed different types of influenza viruses. These viruses evolve and hence we need strong vaccines that can prevent the outspread of these viruses. A flu vaccine which was developed last year may not be much effective to a new virus. Hence it is advised to get immunized every year to prevent the attack of the influenza viruses.

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