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Compulsive Eating Disorder

Compulsive Eating Disorder is a situation where people think they must over eat.


Compulsive Eating Disorder Symptoms and Treatment

Summary- The tendency to keep on consuming food at an uncontrollable pace is known as a compulsive eating disorder. The people affected with this disorder feel the urge to consume more and more food and they are unable to counter this urge despite their repulsed feelings about it and concerns about the eating habits.

Known by the name of ‘Binge Eating’ in the popular terms, the compulsive eating disorder is recognized by the urge in the affected person to eat without any control over their desires. Such a person can continue eating despite being completely full up to the requirements of the body. Another such known problem is that of bulimia nervosa, but the difference in the both lies in the fact that there the people prefer to purge out the consumed food after a while, but in this disorder, one goes on to digest it also.

The reasons for the compulsive eating disorder are not confirmed as they can differ from case to case with the various kinds of situations being encountered by the patient affected with it. The reasons most of the times are related to emotional problems as people under depression take a resort in over-eating to run away from their problems, other than facing them head-on! The people with this disorder hate being over-weight but still can’t overcome their urge to binge and consume more and more of food.  So the reasons aren’t totally known but it is a real thing that you can overcome if you know what your dealing with, what the symptoms are and how to treat them.

Compulsive Eating Disorder Symptoms

  • Taking to dieting regimes frequently but not being able to follow them properly.
  • The drive to eat food and inability to control it.
  • Looking for corners to eat in secrecy without letting anyone know.
  • A history of failed dieting schedules.
  • Feeling ashamed about the uncontrolled desire to eat.
  • Being over-weight and depressed due to certain reasons.Compulsive Eating Disorder

Being over-weight is an obvious result of the compulsive eating disorder as people who binge do not take care about the calories they consume but concentrate completely on the food they consume. This can result in serious problems like Heart attack or high blood pressure and cholesterol levels that should certainly be avoided by all of us.

Compulsive Eating Disorder Treatment

The treatment of any kind of a disease is possible only after recognizing the reasons for it and in case of the people with this problem, this becomes a hard to accomplish task. The fact of the matter is that more than physical, the reasons for this disorder are related to the psychology of the patient. The psychological and emotional problems can be recognized only after conducting thorough sessions with the patient and getting to the root of his problem so that the cure can be sought accordingly. After the psychological treatment, the bodily problems of being over-weight and having higher blood sugar or cholesterol levels need to be encountered, if the need be with proper diet plans being recommended and required medications.  The main thing is if there is even a chance you have compulsive eating disorder you seek professional help immediately.

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