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Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Cervical Cancer Vaccine protects sexually active women

Cervical Cancer Vaccine in Benefits in Detail


Summary- The dangers posed by the disease are answered by the invention of cervical cancer vaccine, which provides protection against the disease for their whole life. The disease attacks sexually active women, and makes them encounter vaginal, cervical or vulvar lesions that can range between mild and precancerous stages.


The latest threat to the health and well-being of women is posed in the form of cervical cancer, or the cancer of the uterine cervix; and an even bigger threat is posed to the Indian women who are estimated to be composing one-fourth of the affected population across the globe. However, the discovery of the cervical cancer vaccine has opened up a bright path for them with which they can be protected against the disease for their entire lives! The women who are risked by the disease should take this vaccine in time and prevent themselves against it.

 Cervical Cancer Vaccine and HPV

Cervical cancer vaccine helps to fight against the disease causing virus, Human Papilloma Virus  or HPV ; which is found in various types, but out of the various types of these viruses, there are only 15, which cause the disease. The virus of this disease spreads through sexual intercourse, and results in the lining of the cells getting affected by lesions. The severity of these lesions, that develop gradually, can vary between normal and precancerous. If these lesions are left undetected, or are ignored in their primary stages, they can lead to cancer.


Owing to the gravity of the disease, there was a necessity posed to find a vaccination for it; thus, the vaccine for cervical cancer was found in the year 2006. There are a few types of this vaccine:

  • Gardasil

This quadrivalent vaccine helps to protect a woman against 4 of the HPVs, out of which two pose the risk of causing cervical cancer. This particular cervical cancer vaccine gives 98% protection against cervical cancer, along with cervical, vaginal and vulvar lesions. The vaccine can be used by women aged between 16 and 26 years of age.

  • CervarixCervical Cancer Vaccine

This vaccine again provides protection against two types of HPVs, which makes it a bivalent vaccine. It is considered better than the former as it has cross-reactive traits that enhance the immune system’s working to provide protection against the disease for longer time durations. The vaccine is used by women who are between 10 and 45 years of age.


There are three doses for both of these vaccines, which are recommended to be taken in a schedule of 0, 1 and 6 months. However, the question that remains is that who all require taking this vaccine? As per the recommendations, all sexually active women should take the cervical cancer vaccine to avoid the occurrence of the disease. The recommended age group of women is between 9 and 26 years of age; however, one should consult a doctor and seek advice before going in for it.


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