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Brain Aneurysm

Brain Aneurysm is a situation where blood vessels in the brain expand too far.

Brain Aneurysm – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Summary: Brain aneurysm is aneurysm that occurs in the brain, that is, a blood vessel expands beyond safe limits and this expansion can eventually rupture the blood vessel. If left untreated, the condition can aggravate into something fatal like a stroke or hemorrhage and hence timely medical attention should be sought.



Brain aneurysm is a very common problem that affects one out of every fifteen people in the United States. What happens here is that the blood vessels in the brain dilate abnormally and get stretched to more than their limit eventually rupturing. This usually occurs near the base of the brain in the Circle of Willis – the part near the base of the brain where all the large arteries meet. The condition is pretty serious and if the vessel ruptures, it can be fatal and the person would need urgent medical attention. However, this is quite rare and usually the condition is discovered before it is too late during a general medical checkup.

 Brain Aneurysm – Causes

There are actually several causes. It can be genetic and can also be aggravated by habits like excessive smoking and drinking, high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure and chewing tobacco. Symptom of this condition can be any of the following:


Usually there are no symptoms associated with brain aneurysm, but some indicators are always present. The symptoms that have not ruptured are as follows:


Excessive fatigueBrain Aneurysm

Erratic behavior

Problems in balance and coordination

Problems with cognition and concentration

Short term memory loss

Speech problems

Problems with thinking and perception

Vision problems

Painful headaches


If there is a brain aneurysm rupture, the following symptoms may show up:


Pain in the immediate area surrounding the eye

Loss of sensory perception


Dilation of pupils

Sensitivity to light

Neck pain

Blurry vision


Painful headaches


If any of the above mentioned symptoms happen to you, you are probably suffering from brain aneurysm and you should seek medical attention immediately. The doctors will subject you to a series of tests to correctly diagnose the condition. After the condition has been assessed correctly, treatment begins and the aim of the treatment is to repair the blood vessel. The treatment can involve either of two methods – coil embolization or surgical clipping. Which of these two methods is used depends on the exact nature of the condition.


A brain aneurysm is serious condition that requires medical attention and failing to get timely treatment can make the condition grow into something more serious like stroke or hemorrhage. Stroke and hemorrhage, both of these are fatal. Timely treatment has saved many lives. If you are displaying any of the symptoms, do not defer treatment – go out and see a doctor ASAP.

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