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Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis: Causes and Symptoms and Treatment Plan

Atopic DermatitisSummary- A very common and dreadful skin disorder, atopic dermatitis, is a severe condition that affects infants and children primarily. The disorder is hard to bear and causes uncontrollable itching and dryness that doesn’t even allow the infected to sleep. The treatment of the problem is possible after identifying it properly.

Atopic Dermatitis is a common skin disorder in children in which the skin gets red, itchy and warm. It normally affects the cheeks and lower part of the face and children who are below five years of age. The child experiences a tendency to scratch the itchy part of the skin and might rub his face against the beddings or carpets to do so, if he cannot lift his hands to do that. Atopic dermatitis rarely affects adults, less than 3% of the affected with Atopic Dermatitis people are adults, as it is predominantly a children’s disease.

Atopic Dermatitis Causes:

The causes of this disorder can be inherited if either of the parents has asthma, hay fever or this disease itself. Incase either of them has some type of skin disorder themselves, this can also lead to this disorder in the child. Another cause is living in colder climates or places where the content of pollutants is high in the atmosphere. Atopic Dermatitis is more common in female children than the males; also the children of higher social strata’s or those born of the mothers who have conceived late in their reproductive years are more susceptible to it.

There are no food intakes that lead to atopic dermatitis, but they can get allergic to some of the food types when they get the disease.

Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms:

The symptoms of this disease, Atopic Dermatitis, are different for infants, children and adults. The children show appearance of red rashes suddenly, which they feel like scratching as they are itchy. They face problems in sleeping due to itching and also might get skin infections if they scratch the rashes too much. In case of children affected with atopic dermatitis, the rashes appear first on the creases of skins, like elbows, buttocks, legs, knees and spreads to neck, wrists and ankles. They get itchy, scaly patches where these rashes appear and the skin starts showing different from the rest where this disorder starts.

For adults, though this disorder is rare, but can be very severe in nature. They start with the disease in the skin creases just like children, but it can cover larger areas on their body and also lead to uncontrollable itching and immensely dry and scaly skin for them.


Once one has identified the skin disorder to be atopic dermatitis, it is necessary that proper treatment plan is followed. One should consult a good dermatologist, who would generally proceed with the treatment schedule by treating the itching first of all. After that, he would work towards reducing the skin inflammation, and then treat the infection. The next step is treating the Atopic Dermatitis lesions formed and after that he works to control the new lesions from forming on the skin of the patient.

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